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Employee wellbeing is central to the performance, resilience and success of your business. And while it’s vital to create a supportive culture, your organisation also has an important role to play in the overall wellbeing of your people – both in and out of work. 

Every employee is on their own unique health journey, so our products and services are here to help you tailor an inclusive, accessible wellbeing programme that works for everyone. And a happy, healthy and more motivated workforce can help bring real success to your business. In fact, it’s thought that the financial return on investing in wellbeing could be as much as £370 billion for the UK economy.1

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The evolution of workplace wellbeing

Our Employee Wellbeing Research 2024, in association with REBA (Reward & Employee Benefits Association), highlights a fundamental shift in responsibility for employee wellbeing and health.  

Check out our 2024 research. It includes top tips and emerging trends, workplace wellbeing priorities from businesses large and small, challenges and success stories as well as expert insight to guide your business.


anticipate line mangers being given more workplace wellbeing responsibility over the next two years 


say that preparing for an ageing society will influence health strategies over the next two years.


will increase benefits spend in the next two years to support specific employee groups.

Key findings

Here are five of the key findings from AXA Health and REBA’s 2024 report.

Support for your teams

Nurturing their mental health

Just like with our physical health, there are things that we need to be doing to maintain good mental health. We’ve pulled together a range of resources to help support your workforce. 

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1 BITC – Financial return on investing in wellbeing could be up to £370 billion 
2 Employee Wellbeing Research 2024 was conducted between November 2023 and January 2024 using REBA’s extensive membership and wider database of HR professionals. With 251 participants representing an estimated two million employees, the research provided diverse data and reflected a cross-section of UK employers, both in terms of size and sector.