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Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

Supporting mental health in the workplace

Nearly two-thirds of people say they’ve experienced a mental health problem. Among women, young adults and people living alone, the number rises to 7 in 10.1 That’s why we’re here to guide your employees in navigating the little things through to life changing events.

With our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), your teams will find guidance on coping strategies. They can speak to our nurses, pharmacists and midwives as well as our LifeManagementTM team who are ready to support and guide them through any worries they have. And for those who need it, they can access up to five counselling sessions.

1 Mental Health Foundation, 2017.

How it works

Calls answered
Calls answered 24/7, anytime, anywhere

We understand that some problems are easier to work through than others. It’s why we don’t put a limit on the number of times your employees can call. And they can reach us 24/7, 365 days a year.

Whatever the problem, our team are ready to provide clinically led support and guidance to help your employees feel back in control.

Face-to-face counselling when they need it most

When a spell of face-to-face counselling is called for, we make it easy to access the support that’s needed.

One of our qualified team members will triage your employee’s needs to a suitable and convenient counsellor or psychologist, who will then provide up to five counselling sessions. Face-to-face counselling is available through EAP Premier only.

Easy-to-access phone and online counselling

Phone counselling is a convenient and flexible way for your employees to talk to our counsellors. It offers the same level of support and confidentiality as a face-to-face session.

And for those people who need to speak to us but are not sure about speaking with someone over the phone or face-to-face, e-counselling provides the perfect way to talk discreetly. Your employees can access up to five phone or e-counselling sessions when face-to-face counselling isn’t appropriate.

Everyday life
Guidance on everyday life management

From financial worries to consumer issues, housing concerns to eldercare, our LifeManagementTM team are here to listen, guide and support. 

Our team will talk through your employee’s concerns and offer possible approaches to moving forward. You can be confident we won’t provide legal advice, but we will give your employees the means to make an informed decision on how to proceed.

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Extra support for line managers

We’re here to provide guidance to ensure your managers are confident, comfortable and assured whenever they’re dealing with challenging, unfamiliar or complex situations.

The manager area of our online portal is also packed with useful tools and resources to help your managers make the right call every time.

Further mental health support for your business

Longer-term workplace counselling support

From the aftershocks of a traumatic event to the personal crisis of substance abuse. From enduring feelings of grief and loss to deep-lying relationship, financial or mental health issues. Recovering from some life events can require longer-term support.

With FIRSTcall®, you can be confident that your employees can get the additional support that would otherwise need more sessions than your EAP could ever reasonably be designed to provide.

Critical incident management

Whether you’re facing an incident that’s hit the headlines or something as shattering as a colleague bereavement, shared trauma can have a deep and long-lasting effect on your workplace.

No matter how robust your business continuity planning may be, it’s often the human aspect and the support you offer your people that proves key to an effective personal, team and business recovery.

Through CRISIScall® we’ll help you build counselling and emotional support into your plans – and we’ll be there to support you and your workforce the moment you face a critical incident or trauma.

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