Enhancing member access to our Neurodiversity Assessment and Support service

25 March 2024


Our Neurodiversity Assessment and Support service is a much valued additional benefit available on our corporate healthcare plans. For those client’s who select to include it in their cover it connects their people and their eligible family members (aged seven and over) to ProblemShared’s innovative digital platform and network of expert practitioners, including counsellors, nurses, therapists and psychiatrists. They’ll gain timely initial needs assessments and, where appropriate, assessment and expert early guidance for: 

  • autism
  • attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • dyslexia
  • dysgraphia
  • dyscalculia. 

We’re pleased to share a small enhancement to the Neurodiversity Assessment and Support service, intended to add even more convenience for employees and their family members covered on their healthcare scheme. 

From 1 April, following a GP referral, eligible employees and their family members (aged 7 or over) will now be able to complete an online request to access our Neurodiversity Assessment and Support service, as an alternative to calling our claims helpline.

This additional option will feature on our Wellbeing Hubs, alongside the current signposting to call our team.

The new option offers greater choice, allowing a member to complete the online form at a time convenient to them, allowing them to manage their submission at their own pace. On receipt, AXA Health will check the member’s form for eligibility. If they’re eligible to proceed, their request will be entered onto ProblemShared’s platform (the provider of the service) and your employee will be sent an email inviting them to book their initial needs assessment. If the request doesn’t meet the eligibility criteria, a member of the AXA Health team will call the individual back to explain. 

We’re constantly looking at ways to enhance our services - supporting changes such as these to bring convenience and ease in the way members can interact with us. 

Speak to your Account Manager for more information.