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Fertility, early parenthood and menopause support

When it comes to life’s big journeys – planning a family, becoming a new parent or going through the menopause – it can be hard to know who to turn to for advice and support. Information can be confusing and people often struggle with their experiences, at home and at work.

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Why investing in fertility, early parenthood and menopause support matters

Major events like menopause can have a huge effect on a person’s life, at home and at work. The experiences of fertility or infertility, as well as early parenthood, can be all-consuming – psychologically and physically. 

It’s important that your employees can access information they can trust as well as practical and emotional support from experts when they need it. 



63% of women say symptoms negatively affect their work.1


Early parenthood

Lack of sleep has serious physical, mental and emotional impact, with obvious knock-on effects at work. 



90% of men and women experiencing fertility challenges in the UK say it has left them feeling depressed.


1 Menopause in the workplace study, Forth with Life, 2019
2 Fertility Network UK & Middlesex University London, 2016

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