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Unlocking the power of health and wellbeing for your clients

A holistic approach to corporate healthcare

Our forward-looking, holistic approach to corporate healthcare is driven by our desire to put good health and wellbeing within easy reach of everyone. Because helping your clients’ employees be the best version of themselves goes hand in hand with helping their business adapt and thrive. We can help your clients find the tools, information and insight for them to make the best decisions for the health of their employees and business.

Always working on access to quality care, outcomes and value

We’re committed to ensuring our members get the healthcare they need and expect. We build strong relationships with providers so they are delivering safe, effective care that puts people first. Our teams, equipped with data and insight, collaborate with key specialists and hospital groups to continually improve customer experience and value. What's more, our knowledge, stability, size and strength allow us to pioneer new approaches, scale new relationships, and enhance healthcare delivery. It's how we unlock better health and wellbeing for your clients.

Fast, easy access to treatment and support

We believe in stress-free routes to better health. Our digital-first approach smooths the path for people who have come to expect convenient access to care. So, when a problem arises, we get people in front of the right expert quickly. That way, they can get back to feeling their best as soon as possible and return to work where they can contribute and feel valued. From cancer to mental health, we’re here to support your clients and their employees at every medical or wellbeing touchpoint.

Download our Advance brochure

For the full list and explanation of what options are avaliable to your clients through Advance (250+ employees) , please download the brochure below. The hospital list for Advance is linked below too.

Mid-sized businesses

For your clients with 65-250 employees, more details on Advance for mid-sized businesses can be found in our brochure below.

Included as standard in Advance

The information below is just a summary of some of the cover we offer. For eligibility, key exclusions, plus any cover limitations (which is often dependent on the level of cover taken out) please see our product brochure linked to above.


Support for mental health

  • Arrange an assessment over the phone without a GP referral
  • Counsellors, psychologists and mental health clinicians can assess and recommend the most appropriate treatment
  • Treatment available nationwide either remotely or face to face
  • Available to those 18 and over
Back pain

Support for muscles, bones and joints

  • Get support for muscle, bone or joint pain without a GP referral 
  • An initial online clinical assessment with muscle, bones and joints specialists HBSUK, will direct members to the most appropriate clinical expert for their online appointment. Members can also call us for an assessment on the phone.
  • Recommended next steps whether that’s home exercises, tests (including scans and X-rays if the relevant benefits are chosen) or referral for onward treatment. 
  • Available for those aged 18 and over 

Specialist appointment booking service

  • Following an open referral, an appointment with an appropriate specialist can be booked upon a member's behalf. 
  • If this isn't suitable, members can opt to receive a choice of three specialists so they can arrange their own appointment.
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Cancer care

  • Cover for cancer treatment such as consultations, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery (subject to medical history).
  • For suspected skin, breast or prostate cancer (with a raised PSA report), members can be seen quickly without a GP referral (subject to the coverage chosen by your client, over 18s only). 
  • If cancer is diagnosed, as soon as we're told, we'll connect the member to a dedicated cancer care manager.
  • Access to Untire - the fatigue management solution for people with cancer.
  • Members undergoing cancer treatment can get six months of supportive health coaching (if your client chooses to opt in). 

AXA Doctor at Hand

  • 24/7 GP appointments by video or phone, up to 20 minutes long 
  • Health advice or reassurance when abroad or on holiday 
  • Direct referrals for some diagnostic tests or to a specialist 
  • Appointments now available with Advanced Nurse Practitioners too 
  • Prescriptions can be sent direct to home, office or local chemist

Important information about AXA Doctor at Hand is detailed below.


24/7 health support line

  • Ask any health-related question to a nurse or counsellor, for yourself or a loved one, 24/7. 
  • Our online health centres bring together the latest information, facts and tips from our own healthcare professionals, leading medical authorities, specialist charities and NHS resources.
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Access to gym offers

  • 40% off monthly individual memberships at Nuffield Health Fitness and Wellbeing Centres for all members covered by an AXA Health business plan or trust scheme.  
  • 40% off Hussle’s monthly+ pass for employees covered by an AXA Health business plan or trust scheme. 
  • Discounts are available for employees who aren’t covered by their company healthcare plan or scheme but whose employer has an occupational health service or employee assistance programme with us. 

For full details go here

Appointments with specialists
Long COVID support
  • If a member is referred for help with long COVID symptoms by a GP, specialist or an approved occupational health clinician, we can help.
  • Support could be physiotherapy, a referral to a specialist consultant or, where clinically appropriate, a 12-week remote rehabilitation programme featuring a blend of physical and emotional support.
AXA Health app
  • Helps members find the support they need by showing their services and wellbeing tools together into one convenient place.

  • Easy signposting to their care and cover, as well as personalised content that helps build healthy habits that last, from coaching programmes and line-manager support to motivational tools and more.

AXA Doctor at Hand important information

24/7 availability – Subject to appointment availability. GPs avaliable 24/7 and Advanced Nurse Practitioners available 8am – 10pm, 365 days a year.

Prescriptions – Available in most circumstances. Outpatient prescriptions and delivery are not covered by the scheme and may cost more than on the NHS. Prescriptions are only available in the UK.

Referrals to diagnostics – If included in your AXA Health scheme, where clinically and geographically appropriate (centres in England, Scotland and Wales). Diagnostic tests are subject to your scheme terms and conditions. Any outpatient limits or employee contribution normally made towards any treatment, will apply. Dependants must be aged 18+ for GP to organise diagnostics.

Referrals to specialists – Any outpatient limits or employee contributions normally made towards treatment will apply. All referrals and treatment recommended are on a private basis. The GPs and advanced nurse practitioners are unable to refer to the NHS.

Available at an extra cost

Our new online Neurodiversity Assessment and Support service connects your clients' employees and eligible family members (seven years and older) to assessment and early support for autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia. This innovative online service connects members to ProblemShared’s multi-disciplinary network of practitioners with experience across both NHS and private healthcare in helping patients manage their neurodiversity.

Find out more on our direct client facing site.

We can help support your clients' employees who are experiencing gender dysphoria. Our team is at the end of a phone to guide them on their unique journey. There are different levels of benefits available for your clients to choose from which will determine the level of involvement we provide.

We offer dental and optical cover for your clients' employees. Depending on the terms of your clients' scheme, they can see a dentist or optician in a more cost-effective way. With regular check-ups, they’ll hopefully be less likely to need emergency treatment. But even if they do, at least their membership can help with some of the financial pain.

You can give your clients' employees and their partners the power to find their way more confidently through life’s most personal challenges. We’re working together with the health app Peppy to give support to your clients' employees via the Peppy app. So, whether they’re planning a family, becoming a new parent or going through the menopause, support and guidance are available every step of the way. App users must be 18 or over.

If an employee is really struggling and their GP is struggling to help manage their symptoms, the GP can give a referral to our network of British Menopause Society-accredited consultant gynaecologists can provide specialist clinical support. Please note the client will need to include outpatient specialist consultations and diagnostic tests with their healthcare scheme or plan to access this benefit.

Find out more on our direct client facing site.

Sensitive health issues can have an enormous effect on an employee’s mental and physical wellbeing. Together with the health app Peppy we are able to offer specific men's and women’s health support, connecting whole workforces to expert support, education and guidance for the issues that matter to them. Available to UK-based employees and family members. App users must be 18 or over.

Find out more on our direct client facing site.

Your clients' employees can boost their mental wellbeing, manage their mood and build resilience 24/7 by adding access to the Thrive Mental wellbeing app (provided by Thrive) as part of their health and wellbeing offering. App users must be 18 or over.

Other ways we can help

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Employee Wellbeing Progammes

From expert workshops and assessments to health coaching with physiologists, we’ll make it easy for your clients to support their employees on their journey to healthy habits.

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

Our team of nurses, pharmacists and midwives as well as our LifeManagementTM team are ready to support and guide your clients' employees through any worries they have.

in a workplace with hardhats
Occupational Health

From factory floors to flight decks, busy HQs to home offices, workplaces of all sizes carry with them a host of health challenges. Our occupational health service will help your clients and their people thrive, whatever their role and wherever they work.