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Occupational health services

Helping you develop a safe and dynamic workplace

From shop floors to flight decks, city workers to the remotest employees, your clients are tackling a whole range of health challenges. As an occupational health services provider, we’re here to help your clients’ people thrive, whatever their role.

Employee health at work

Employee health at work can be a minefield. As an occupational health services provider, we can help your clients navigate the regulations, the risks and the role they play in keeping their people safe. Here’s an overview of some of the services avaliable to contracted occupational health services clients:

Manager referral assessments
Manager referrals and independent medical assessments

If someone becomes ill or their health is at risk, it’s a good idea to get some advice for the business. We’ll provide independent advice for your client's business. Find out about our manager referrals and independent medical assessments.

Health surveillance
Health surveillance and fitness for work

Checking employees remain fit to carry out their specific jobs or tasks is an ongoing process. And businesses need to know that the measures they have in place to keep people safe and well are working properly.

New starter health assessments
New starter health assessments

When employing a new member of the team it’s important to make sure that they’re comfortable, safe and medically fit for their role. It can help to prevent problems down the line, for both businesses and people.

Workplace and ergonomics
Tackling MSK sickness

Our musculoskeletal services make it easier for employees to get expert help early. And our workplace assessments help identify risks so your clients can head off the number one cause of sickness absence.

Manager helpline
Manager helpline

Managers have to deal with whatever’s thrown at them. Our confidential manager helpline connects managers to the expert help and guidance they need to feel confident in unfamiliar or difficult situations.

Fit to fly
Fit to fly

We can coordinate medicals for pilots, air traffic control officers and cabin crew, ensuring that they are fit for their safety critical work.

Occupational Health On Demand

With our on-demand services, your clients can request the support they need when they need it, so they can make the best decisions for their workforce and their business. As a broker we can offer you preferential rates for services when you introduce Occupational Health On Demand to your clients. If you're interested in becoming an introducer for this service, speak with our new business team today.

We’re here to support and guide your clients as they manage their business’ health and wellbeing in the following areas:

Man and woman smiling
Supporting mental and physical health

Keeping people moving with targeted interventions that ensure the mental and physical health of a workforce.

Man in the garden
Health awareness and prevention

Building a healthy, fit and energised workforce and increasing positivity, loyalty and enthusiasm by encouraging people to adopt positive lifestyle changes.

  • Know Your Numbers day with seminar
  • Health Check-in
  • Health awareness webinar or seminar
  • Health Coaching

Woman on a laptop
Absence management and new-starter support

Helping to reduce absences, ensure a safer working environment and support employees in new roles, increasing productivity and fulfilling a duty of care.

  • Management Referral Service
  • Health assessment questionnaires
  • Ergonomics assessments
  • Ill-health retirement assessment
  • Occupational health clinical support day
  • Company medical adviser

To find out more about business solutions to contracted occupational health services clients please contact us.

If you're interested in becoming an introducer for Occupational Health On Demand, speak to our new business team today.