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Employee wellbeing programmes

From expert workshops and assessments to health coaching with physiologists, we’ll make it easy for you to support your clients' employees on their journey to healthy habits. Together, we’ll create a shared wellbeing ambition for your client's business - be that big or small, short or long-term.

A selection of our wellbeing services on offer are below. To find out more about all our wellbeing services for large corporates please go to our direct client facing site

A selection of the wellbeing services on offer through AXA Health

Health assessments
Workplace health assessments

Our flexible health assessments help people take control and start positively along the path to better health, making the tasks they face more manageable along the way.

Seminars and Workshops
Wellbeing workshops

Our workshops and seminars are designed to help build awareness and through education help employees become the best version of themselves.

Training courses
Wellbeing training

Choose from our range of sessions including our Health Champions course or any of our Mental Health First Aid accredited training.

Wellbeing events
Wellbeing events

Whether your client is launching a new wellness initiative, kickstarting a wellbeing week or encouraging their employees to take charge of their health, choose from our wellbeing events.

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Mental resilience

Your clients' employees can boost their mental wellbeing, manage their mood and build resilience 24/7 through the Thrive Mental wellbeing app. App users must be 18 or over. The app is provided by Thrive Mental Wellbeing.

Health coaching
Health coaching

Our Health Coaching service is especially designed for those who’ve had health risks identified but who still need a little extra motivation to make positive lifestyle changes. 

Women's health
Fertility, early parenthood and menopause

Give your clients' employees and their partners the power to find their way more confidently through life’s most personal challenges. We’re working together with the digital-health app Peppy to give support to your clients' employees. So, whether they’re planning a family, becoming a new parent or going through the menopause, support and guidance is available every step of the way. App users must be 18 or over. Find out more

Men's and women's health
Men's and women's health

Sensitive health issues can have an enormous effect on an employee’s mental and physical wellbeing. Together with the health app Peppy we are able to offer specific men's and women’s health support, connecting whole workforces to expert support, education and guidance for the issues that matter to them. Available to UK-based employees and family members. App users must be 18 or over.

Health and wellbeing calendar

Clients of AXA Health are able to download our ready-to-use wellbeing content to help fuel the health engagement strategy in their business. Encourage your clients to download the planner today and they can benefit from insightful live webinars, an editable planner and support tools for employee engagement.