Get fast access to private healthcare in Wales

At AXA Health, we've been helping people access private healthcare since 1940. Our healthcare plans offer a range of cover levels to suit individual needs and budgets. Whether you’re in Wales, or the rest of the UK, you can get fast access to private healthcare with an AXA Health plan.

We work with over 250 hospitals and over 40,000 healthcare professionals. Search our directory to find hospitals and specialists near you.

What are the core benefits of our Personal Health plan?

When life throws you an unexpected challenge, fast access to diagnosis and treatment are what matter most, along with genuine help, support and understanding from people who care. Here’s a summary of everything that comes with our Personal Health plan.

What does our Personal Health plan cover?

  • See the right specialist quickly (when including an outpatient option).
  • Video or phone access to our online 24/7 GP service (subject to availability).
  • Full inpatient and day patient hospital fees cover (on specialist referral, at a hospital from our directory).
  • Heart and cancer cover and care (subject to medical history and cover options chosen).
  • 24/7 health support line with nurses and counsellors available to answer your questions.

To find out about our additional cover options explore our compare health insurance options page.

What's not covered by our Personal Health plan?

Like all insurance plans, there are some things we don't cover. Here are some of our key exclusions:

  • Treatment of medical conditions that you had – or had symptoms of – before you joined
  • Routine pregnancy and childbirth
  • Treatment of ongoing, recurring and long-term conditions

More information about the exclusions and limitations of cover will be provided when you get a quote.

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How much does private health insurance cost in Wales?

Everyone’s different, so health cover will look different for everyone. The total cost of your private health insurance will depend on several factors. Things we consider include:

  • Age.
  • Smoker status.
  • Underlying conditions (such as chronic conditions).
  • Location.
  • Level of cover – you can expect prices to increase with each additional cover options chosen.

To find out how much it would cost you to join AXA Health, get a quote here.

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Personal Health plan, with all cover options chosen, won a five-star defaqto expert rated award for PMI (Individual) plans in 2024.

Defaqto - 5 Star Rating

We’re proud that our Personal Health plan has been rated 5 Stars by independent financial information business, Defaqto.

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