Identifying the need for healthcare cover

Everybody’s talking about health

Health, either for an individual or business customer is of huge importance. This gives you a perfect opportunity to have a new conversation with your clients. We’ll help you cut through the noise, harness the energy around health and wellbeing, and ensure you’ve got the insights you need to ease and smooth that conversation. And we’ll work with you to help grow and sustain the health market in the years to come.

Of course, it’s all backed up by our award-winning private health insurance, so you can rely on us to get people back to work quickly which, in uncertain times, provides reassurance for businesses and their people.

We were founded by doctors and hospitals working together to make a real difference: to give more people better access to healthcare. And we’ve been doing just that for the 80 years since – with the might of one of the biggest insurance groups in the world behind us - meaning that you can trust us to support you and your clients when it's needed.

Reasons why private healthcare cover works for businesses

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Speed of access to diagnosis and treatment

Should an employee fall ill, private healthcare cover means they can be diagnosed and treated promptly, helping them to get back to health and back to work quickly.

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No need to wait long for appointments

Employees can avoid NHS waiting lists and make an appointment at a time that suits, even outside of normal working hours.


Book appointments around your schedule

Employees can enjoy peace of mind knowing they can book an appointment with experienced specialists and practitioners at a time and place convenient to them.


The private hospital experience

A choice of private hospitals across the country, where employees can usually expect free Wi-Fi, as well as an en-suite room, à la carte meals, and flexible visiting hours.


It could cost much less than you think

Because you get to choose the options you pay for – and how you pay for them, subscriptions can be less than you might expect.

Do they already have business healthcare cover?

If your client already has private healthcare cover then ask them when the renewal date for their healthcare plan is. Getting in touch with your client around six weeks before this date is an ideal time to start your conversations. Here are some questions you could ask:

  • What has your experience been like with your current provider?
  • What do you like about your plan?
  • Have you had to use your plan?