Underwriting explained

At AXA Health, we offer four underwriting options

Full medical underwriting

Simply put, this means we’ve taken the member’s medical history into account to decide what cover we can offer them. Medical conditions that you had before you joined us won’t usually be covered.

Medical conditions the member had before their plan started

If the member had a medical condition before they joined that may need treatment in the future, we won’t usually cover it or any conditions specified. We may be able to look at this again in future if they go for a while with no symptoms or treatment for it. The member can see any medical conditions which aren’t covered on their membership certificate.

Medical conditions the member has after their plan starts

We cover these in line with the terms of their plan.


With moratorium underwriting, the member won’t have cover for treatment of medical problems they had in the five years before they joined us, until:

  • they’ve been a member for two years in a row, and
  • they’ve had a period of 12 consecutive months since they joined that have been trouble-free from that condition.

What does ‘trouble-free’ mean?

We count a member as trouble-free when they havent seen any medical practitioner, such as a GP or physiotherapist or had any treatment or advice for their condition for two years. They can't have taken any medication, including over the counter drugs, or followed a special diet because of their condition.

This example of moratorium underwriting applies for SME businesses. For details of Large Corporate options please speak to your account manager.

Continuing medical exclusions

If the member joined us on these terms from another provider, it means we’re carrying on the underwriting they had with them for their medical conditions.

Any special terms or exclusions will be on their membership certificate.

Medical history disregarded

This means that we accepted any pre-existing conditions that the member may have had when they joined us, so they don’t need to worry about any underwriting exclusions.

Their cover will be in line with the terms of their new plan with us.