Corporate funding options

We offer a range of funding styles to suit your clients’ priorities. To help them get the most out of their scheme, we’ll work with you and your clients to match our funding options with their objectives.

Full insurance

Clients can choose this option for the greatest cost certainty. We agree a premium per employee for the scheme year, and we cover any extra costs if claims add up to more than this amount over the year.

Full insurance with profit share

Clients can combine the certainty of knowing their scheme costs and get a financial return if claims for the year are significantly lower than expected.

Cost Plus with general stop loss

Clients pay for claims as they arise but enjoy the reassurance of a limit to their overall liability.

Mid-corporate proposition

If your client is covering between 65 and 250 employees, our mid-corporate proposition gives them price stability as well as a profit share if their claims are significantly lower than expected – across a two-year period.

Health trust

We’re one of the UK’s leading administrators of health trusts. These deliver healthcare benefits for larger schemes, allowing clients to take control of the benefits they offer.

Master trust

Clients can combine the cost-certainty of full insurance with the tax savings of a health trust, even if they’re not the largest business. Our specialist trust administration business acts as trustee, reducing administrative and legal responsibilities.