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Support for muscles, bones and joints

Whether you've sprained your ankle on your lunchtime jog, or you've got a backache that's been troubling you for a while, we're here to help.

You and your team can talk to a physiotherapist online or over the phone without a GP referral, as long as you're 18 or over. They’ll assess the symptoms, talk about what they could mean, and help plan what to do next. Access to our muscle, bone and joint health practitioners online and by phone is included as standard when you take out business healthcare cover with AXA Health.

Keep your team fit, well and working

In 21/22, 7.3 million working days were lost to bone, joint or muscle conditions.¹ Musculoskeletal problems can have an impact on all areas of life. If you or one of your employees wakes up with a bad back for example, trying to get through a day at work can be tough. 

With our muscle, bone and joint service, you and your team won't need to take time out of your day to visit a GP. You can simply go online to fill out an assessment. Following the outcome of the assessment, you'll be directed to the appropriate clinician and can book an appointment online, at a time and date that works for you.

1Health and Safety Executive, 2022

How it works

Work through pain

No need to work through pain

As soon as there is a twinge, you can go online where you can fill out an assessment. Following the outcome of the assessment, you will then be directed to the appropriate clinician and can book an appointment online, at a time and date that is convenient for you. We'll also check whether you're covered for hands-on treatment like physiotherapy or referral to see a specialist. Just in case you need it.


Advice that fits in with busy lives

The earlier you get help, the sooner you can start feeling better. You and your team won’t have to take time out for a GP appointment in order to access support. Whether it’s during a lunch break or after the school run, you're in control to choose what works best for you. By phone or video, all from the comfort of your own home. Using a portal to manage your own care journey. 

No GP referral

No need for a GP referral first

If you or one of your people needs physiotherapy, another hands-on therapy like osteopathy, diagnostic tests or a specialist consultation, they won’t need a GP referral (subject to appropriate cover). Our in-house team will find them the right expert quickly, and even get them an appointment with a specialist if needed. An Outpatient option is required for diagnostic tests and specialist consultations to be covered under your plan. You'll need Therapies cover on your plan for us to refer you to see a therapist.

Hassle free access

Hassle-free access to treatment

If the physiotherapist recommends specific exercises, they’ll guide you or your team through them so they can try them at home – or even at work – and explain how to stop the pain from returning. You'll be able to access your bespoke treatment plan on your personal patient portal. You'll also be able to watch easy-to-follow self-help exercise videos via the portal or app. If follow-on treatment is needed, they’ll recommend next steps. 

Access to our muscle, bone and joint service is included as standard

  • Talk to the right expert one-to-one over the phone or by video.
  • They'll assess your symptoms, and talk to you about what they could mean. If they think exercises could ease your pain, they'll recommend some you can try at home. And if you need further treatment, they'll help you plan what to do next.
  • We're working with HBSUK and their team of clinicians who specialise in all types of muscle, bone and joint problems. We can offer you an online assessment with the relevant expert. You'll be able to book a phone or video appointment straight away and you won't need a GP referral first.
  • There'll be no impact on your excess or outpatient allowance for this online service. Your benefits are only affected if you receive any face to face treatment, including imaging such as x-rays or MRI's.
  • And you can carry out exercises in the comfort of your own home. Downloading them or following them straight from the app once you're set up. With the added benefit that everything is in one place - any medical letters, images or factshseets.

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