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Making AXA available for everyone

It’s important to us that everyone can access our services. We have created this website with you in mind and want to make sure you can access our content as easily as possible. 

If you’re experiencing difficulties with our website, documents or any of our services, please let us know.

Documents for the blind and partially sighted

You can access your documents online whenever you need to by logging in to your member account. Viewing your documents online means you can increase the font size by zooming in, or use screen-reading technology. 

If you’re unable to access your documents online, we can also provide Braille, large print or audio formats at your request. We aim to provide these within 10 working days and we don’t charge for this service. If you’d like your membership documents sent to you in Braille, large print or audio format, please contact us.

Font and text size

We try to use clear, large fonts on our website, but we understand this still might not be as readable for everyone. If you have a visual impairment or disability, making the text larger by changing the settings of your browser may help.

Depending on the browser you use, you may be able to set a minimum text size for the websites you visit. We’ve added links below to some of the more popular web browser help pages, which give instructions on how you can customize your settings.

Google Chrome à
Internet Explorer à
Mozilla Firefox à
Safari à
Opera à

Hearing and speech difficulties

If you are deaf, have a hearing impairment or difficulty with your speech, you can contact us using the Relay UK (previously known as ‘Next Generation Text’ or ‘NGT’) service. Just dial 18001 before our contact number and you can communicate with us using a textphone. Or, you can download their application and communicate with us using your smartphone. 

The Relay UK service is free to use and their call assistants are bound by confidentiality, so information you share with them will be secure and protected. 

For more information about how the Text Relay service works, follow the link below to Relay UK's website.