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Child health insurance

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Take care of your children with Personal Health

Private health insurance is not just for grown-ups. You can cover your child with our Personal Health Plan, either as part of a family cover or just for your children.

What is private health insurance for my children?

Private health insurance gives your child prompt access to eligible health treatment when they need it. From seeing a specialist for diagnosis (if an out-patient option has been chosen) to having a comfortable private hospital stay, we are there to help you look after their health.

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How does private health insurance work?

Private health insurance provides fast access to private healthcare when you need it. You pay regular subscriptions for your child’s health insurance plan, then your insurer pays for their treatment, as long as it’s covered under their plan.

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We’ll be here to hold their hand

With our Personal Health insurance plan, our 24/7 health support line is there for you day and night, just as you are there for your children.

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Cover for your young ones

Children have unique concerns. Things like prominent ears or a birthmark on their face. With Personal Health cover you could get issues like these addressed. (For children 14 and under only, subject to no planned or pending treatment).

Hospital bed
Accommodation when your child’s in hospital

Being away from home can be a worrying time for children, especially when their stay is in hospital. We make it easier for you to be near your child while they receive treatment covered by your Personal Health insurance. We’ll pay for one parent to stay with them in hospital, and up to £100 a night towards accommodation for another parent in a nearby hotel (up to £500 a year).

Access to health information

We understand that you want answers you can trust as quickly as possible. As well as our 24/7 support line, we provide members with easy access to a wealth of health and wellbeing information online. 

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Call us on 0800 111 4004*

The Benefits of Personal Health Insurance

When life throws you an unexpected challenge, prompt diagnosis and treatment for your children are what matter most, along with genuine help, support and understanding from people who care.  Here are your available benefits with Personal Health, your private medical insurance plan, depending on what options you choose, and these are for new medical conditions after you join. 


Prompt access to specialists to establish what might be wrong (when you choose an out-patient option.


Your choice of hospital (from our Directory of Hospitals), specialist and appointment time via our Specialist appointment booking service (when an Out-patient option is chosen).


Access to specialist cancer treatment and the latest approved cancer drugs on specialist referral. (Used within terms of their licence. Subject to medical history and cover options chosen).

What’s not covered

Here are the main things that aren’t covered as standard by Personal Health insurance:

  • Routine pregnancy and childbirth
  • Treatment needed as a result of doing any sport for which you are paid, receive a grant or sponsorship, or are competing for prize money
  • Treatment of ongoing, recurring and long-term conditions, such as diabetes or asthma (we call these chronic conditions)
  • Treatment of medical conditions you had – or had symptoms of – before you joined
  • Cosmetic treatment (except for birthmarks and prominent ears under our enhanced family cover)
  • These also aren’t covered, unless you take out the relevant options:

  • Dentist and Optician fees – choosing the Dentist and Optician CashBack option gives you money back towards the costs charged by your dentist or optician
  • Out-patient diagnostic tests and out-patient specialist consultations – you can add one of these options and be covered for out-patient specialist consultations, diagnostic tests and practitioner charges (subject to medical history)
  • Psychiatric treatment – choosing the Mental health option covers you for treatment with psychiatrists, psychologists and cognitive behavioural therapists

Defaqto - 5 Star Rating

We’re proud that our Personal Health plan has been rated 5 Stars by independent financial information business, Defaqto.

The Defaqto 5 Star Rating is based on an assessment of the overall product including all options. If some of the options are not selected, this will affect the product’s Star Rating.


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