Find the private health cover that’s right for you

Before you take out your plan, think about what’s important to you and what you want to cover. Making a list of priorities can help you choose the right plan for your needs.

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Your health in expert hands

Our private medical insurance is designed to cover treatment of new medical conditions that begin after you join. From seeing a specialist for fast diagnosis (when you select an outpatient option) to having a comfortable private hospital stay.

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Look after your teeth and your budget

Dental problems can be extremely painful. And, if you’re not insured, it’s not only your mouth that’ll feel the pain. Your wallet may also take a hit. Our dental insurance plans can make it easier for you to look after your teeth and manage the day-to-day cost of caring for them. 

Whether you’re looking for a plan to help cover NHS dental costs or private costs, we've got a plan to keep yoiu smiling.

Health at hand
When you’re concerned about your health

Call or email our nurses to ask anything you like, anytime, and we’ll put your mind at ease.

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When you’re seriously ill

We have a team of nurses who specialise in offering support for those living with cancer and heart disease. Every one of them knows what a diagnosis like this means, so you'll never have to find your way on your own.

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When you want a GP appointment in the early hours

You can book a video appointment so you won’t have to leave the house.

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When you need to see a specialist

Get access to specialists (Subject to an outpatient option the specialist consultation will be covered).

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When you need to go straight to the physio

We’ll arrange a phone appointment without asking for a GP referral (For over 18's only and face to face treatment will only be covered if you have the Therapy option).

Defaqto - 5 Star Rating

We’re proud that our Personal Health plan has been rated 5 Stars by independent financial information business, Defaqto.

The Defaqto 5 Star Rating is based on an assessment of the overall product including all options. If some of the options are not selected, this will affect the product’s Star Rating.


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