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Employee cancer care

Helping everyone navigate the complexities of cancer

Cancer doesn’t just affect people physically. It often has an impact on aspects of life such as energy levels, mental health and appetite. It affects work and finances, family and relationships too. That's why our cancer services don't just give access to treat the illness: we offer care for the whole person, their family, friends and colleagues. 

Here are six ways the healthcare services that come as standard with our Advance healthcare schemes diagnose, treat, support and help people live with cancer. 

We offer prompt access to expert help

Early diagnosis saves lives. We work closely with Check4Cancer, to get your employees seen quickly if they suspect skin, prostate and breast cancer1.  

If your employee has a skin, prostate or breast cancer concern, they can just call us – they'll need evidence of a raised PSA level for prostate concerns and we'll arrange the right diagnostic appointment or assessment. There's no need for a GP referral. 

Our enhanced cancer cover comes as standard

We cover, care for and support our members through every stage of cancer with our comprehensive cancer cover. 

As well as private inpatient, day-patient and outpatient treatment; your employees have unlimited follow-up consultations and cancer reviews (whilst they're AXA Health members), cardiology check-ups if appropriate, no time limit for licenced drug treatment (used within the term of their European Medicines Agency licence), a contribution towards unproven treatment that's been agreed with us in advance and cover for wigs and prostheses.

We're here to work with you and your budgetary needs.

We never forget the person at the heart of each case

If one of your employees develops cancer, we'll make sure they're supported every step of the way by someone they can speak to regularly in our dedicated cancer care team.

Their dedicated cancer case manager will help them understand their diagnosis, treatment and medication, and will also liaise with consultants, taking away some of the strain. And our 24/7 health support line, Health at Hand, means there's always someone there for a chat, so there's no need to worry alone. It's good to know it's for loved ones, too.

We support people with cancer related fatigue

We can arm your employees with the tools they need to manage one of the most common side effects of cancer, fatigue.

Giving members access to the Untire app, helps them track and manage energy levels and help reduce the impact of cancer and treatments on life.

Our cancer care team will offer your employees access to the app if they think it could help.

We provide access to cutting-edge drugs and treatment

Our medical teams work closely with our clinical providers to keep on top of medical developments and support members diagnosed with cancer to find a specialist who can offer the best treatment options available.

If a specialist recommends it, we'll cover the cost of any European Medicines Agency licensed drug that's prescribed and being used in accordance with its licence indication.

We give people the freedom to choose treatment at home

Having treatment at home can remove some of the stress, logistical challenges and financial pressure of getting to a hospital regularly for treatment. Cancer can be disempowering, so we give our members the opportunity to recover on their own terms.

Where clinically appropriate, your employees can choose to receive chemotherapy, blood tests, drugs delivered, blood transfusions, IV antibiotics and more in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

Our cancer care team is made up of a mix of clinically trained nurses, including those with on-the-ward oncology experience, and skilled case managers. They all specialise in cancer cases and have 554 years cancer nursing and 107 years AXA Health cancer case management experience between them.

“Every time I call the cancer nurses, they're friendly helpful and very professional. They always make me feel at ease.”

Mr Gardiner, Kent, 2022, AXA Health corporate member.

Tailor your plan to suit your business

With Advance, you’ve got the choice and flexibility to build the private healthcare cover you want. We’ll work with you to structure the plan that meets your objectives.

Here are three other services which you can add to your healthcare scheme.

We support people with nutrition coaching

Poor nutrition affects how the body responds to cancer treatment and recovery speeds. So we offer dedicated nutrition coaching, giving expert personalised advice to help people manage and recover from cancer treatment. 

Nutrition coaching is an on-demand service which carries an extra charge.

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Choose from our flexible funding options

We’ll take the time to understand how we can best support your business with our funding options.

To help you get the most out of your scheme, we can work with you to design bespoke health or master trust arrangements, and everything in between, to meet your objectives and deliver the most value for your business. 

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Our flexible model means we can support your people in other ways

Our members often have needs much broader than their own health, for example impact on family life, and we can sometimes help them in other ways. 

If an employee chooses to have some or all their treatment through the NHS instead of using their plan to access private treatment, we can (if your scheme allows) direct funds towards supplementary care such as support with household tasks or childcare. Helping to ease some of the worry at a very difficult time.

This needs to be arranged with us and carries an extra charge.

“I found the coaching experience supportive, informative and very helpful following surgery for neck cancer. I learnt a lot more about maintaining a healthy weight, good diet and taking sufficient exercise during the coaching period which helped me to make lasting improvements to my lifestyle.”Mr Newham, 2022, AXA Health corporate member.

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Mental health support

Being told you have cancer can really affect your mental wellbeing. Many people experience lots of different emotions and this can be difficult to cope with, for the patient as well as their loved ones. We're here to help everyone get through it.

Our 24/7 health support line is available for your employees and their families to speak to a nurse.

Our mental health cover as part of our Advance healthcare scheme, connects your people fast to mental health support and treatment, without a referral from a GP for members aged 18 and over.

With our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) in place, your teams can get guidance on coping strategies and speak to our nurses and pharmacists as well as our LifeManagement team. Those who need them can access counselling sessions through our EAP, too.1

1. You'll need separate contracts with us for healthcare plans, wellbeing services, occupational health and employee assistance programmes. We can talk this through with you.