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When you have a health-related question or worry, it can be difficult to think about anything else. The same may also be said for your team who may find it difficult to concentrate at work when they have a health worry that’s keeping them awake at night.

That’s why our 24/7 health support line is here for you and your team. Whatever your health question is. Whether it’s to do with your own health or your child’s health. Our team of nurses, counsellors, midwives and pharmacists is on hand to support you and to help put your mind at ease.

Nurses and counsellors are available 24/7. Pharmacists and midwives are available 8am–8pm Monday to Friday, 8am-4pm Saturdays and 8am-12pm Sundays.

Access to our 24/7 health support line comes as standard

Access to our 24/7 health support line comes as standard with our small business health insurance, regardless of the cover options that you choose. So you can rest assured that we’ll be on hand to support you and your team, whatever your health question. Find out more about our business health insurance, including what is and isn't covered, and get a quote today

Some of the ways we can help:

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If a member of your team is struggling to cope with the pressures of work, or is going through a tough time at home, they can talk to a counsellor about how they’re feeling

Document icon

If you’ve received some medical test results that you don’t understand, we can support you with any medical jargon


If you have a question about medication that you’ve been prescribed, our team of pharmacists are on hand to help you

Mother and baby icon

If you or a member of your team is pregnant, you can speak to a midwife about any pregnancy-related questions that you may have

Medical assistance

If you have a question or a worry about your health, you can speak to a nurse 

Small business guide to health insurance

If you've considered offering small business health insurance to your team, it's likely that you have a lot of questions around how it works. That's why we've created our small business guide to health insurance. 

Already know what you're looking for?

Start taking care of yourself and your team today. Find out what is and isn't covered on our small business health insurance and get a quote.

Defaqto - 5-Star Rated

We’re proud that our Business Health plan has been rated 5 stars by independent financial information business, Defaqto.

The Defaqto 5-star rating is based on an assessment of the overall product including all options. If some of the options are not selected, this will affect the product’s star rating.

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* Phone lines are open 8:30am-5:30pm Monday to Friday. We may record and/or monitor calls for quality assurance, training and as a record of our conversation.