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Staying healthy

Explore health and wellbeing

Mental Health

Our mental health is just as important as our physical health. From guidance on living with anxiety, our top tips on building resilience to learning about depression – we’re here to help.

Exercise and fitness

Whatever your age or ability, exercise can be built into everyday routines, whether that’s cycling, swimming, yoga, or dancing around the kitchen.


Our top tips on how to get a good night’s sleep and help you feel refreshed.

Muscles, bones and joints

From back pain, arthritis or osteoporosis to shoulders, knees and toes – manage your aches and pains effectively, so you can carry on doing what you love. 

Women's Health

Menopause, cervical screenings, nutrition or pregnancy – discover our female-related health topics curated with our in-house healthcare professionals.

Men's Health

Common health concerns and specific male health-related conditions – explore our men’s content hub to help look after you.

Diet and nutrition

What is a healthy gut? What are superfoods? We explore all things nutrition, to help you to eat your way to better health.


Every person has a different cancer experience. We explore some of the more common types of cancer, dispel some popular myths and offer guidance on how to tackle the tricky conversations. 


If you need some dinner inspiration or some lunchtime ideas, we’ve got you covered with our nutritionist-approved recipe hub.

Ageing well

Ageing doesn’t mean we should stop doing what we love. It might be about tweaking and being aware of certain age-related health concerns, from exercise to keeping mentally active, we explore how to support you in ageing well. 

Health FAQs

Our healthcare professionals answer questions about a range of health concerns. From muscle pain and heart health to skin conditions and lumps and bumps on various parts of the body.  

FeelGood Health Champions

Meet Carmen, Lee, and others and see how they found unexpected joy in activities that had a surprisingly positive impact on their health and wellbeing. 

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Have a look at our handy guide to get the most from your GP consultation.

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Remote Consultations

Read our guide to getting the most out of virtual appointments.

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Why not download our guide about what to expect before you go in?

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Health A-Z

View the NHS complete guide to conditions, symptoms and treatments, including what to do and when to get help.