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CrisisCall – Critical Incident Management

Whether you’re facing an incident that’s hit the headlines, or something as shattering as a colleague bereavement, shared trauma can have a deep and long-lasting effect on your workplace.

We’ll help you build counselling and emotional support into your critical incident management planning.

Why invest in CrisisCall?

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Right experts for the right situation

From a fire to a terror attack, from an explosion to violence in the workplace, you’ll get support from our experts the moment you call.

We’ll put together the expertise to support and guide you from our team of BACP/COSCA accredited crisis consultants, counsellors and network affiliates, HCPC psychologists, registered counsellors, clinical and occupational psychologists. 


Building workforce resilience

In the immediate aftermath of a trauma or crisis, it’s normal for people to feel acute distress and uncertainty. Yet business pressures remain, making it essential that the journey to recovery is made as smooth as possible. 


Choose the approach that suits

Many businesses ask us to help them develop their bespoke crisis management and business continuity plans. Others choose to use CRISIScall® in response to individual incidents as and when needed. CRISIScall® is designed to be flexible so that you can adapt it to your business needs.

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Crisis management, business continuity plans, critical incident management - the moment your employees start to experience a challenging situation, our EAP, FIRSTcall and CrisisCall teams are on hand to support them. We’ll remove the barriers to seeking support and be there to talk.