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Wellbeing: the cost of inaction

15 March 2021

Wellbeing has never been so important for business. It’s moved beyond a benefit to an essential. But what are the costs of doing nothing?

Listen to our broadcast with Q&A as we consider the cost of inaction. We explore the emerging and future health trends and discuss where resource and business planning can best support delivery of workplace wellbeing.

Join our host Soraya Chamberlain, and panellists Eugene Farrell, Mental Health Lead, Ray Freer, Wellbeing Consultant, and Dr Christine Mason, Occupational Health Physician as they cover:

  • Organisational health - what’s happening now and likely to happen in the future.
  • Inaction and its impact on absence, presenteeism and leavism.
  • AXA Health’s Cost of Inaction Tool.
  • Priority considerations to unwrap the value of wellbeing in 2021.


Wellbeing: the cost of inaction. from AXA Health on Vimeo.


 We touched on where AXA Health’s Cost of Inaction tool may help. Health can adversely affect performance with employees absent, or present but not fully functioning. 

Using robust data sets prior to COVID-19  by industry, region and demographics (age and gender), we can provide a ‘Cost of Inaction’ calculation and link the potential return for putting in place certain wellbeing services - aiding your business case development or simply supporting internal conversions.