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Helping to tackle sickness absence in the workplace

Back to Health

Back to Health offers an affordable, fast and targeted way for you to accelerate return to work times for employees who don’t have access to private healthcare cover– helping you to protect the health of your business.

Back to Health is designed only for the treatment of health conditions where the employee is unable to undertake their normal work duties, and where Occupational Health advises that the absence is likely to continue without specialist treatment.

This means you decide when it’s appropriate to use and there’s no limit on the number of employees you can cover.

How it works

GP to specialist

Specialists for any medical condition

Through Back to Health your employees will have access to specialist consultations, diagnostic tests, scans and x-rays for any medical condition.

Fast and direct

Fast and direct access to appropriate treatment

Your employees will receive fast and direct access to the most appropriate treatment for musculoskeletal and psychological health-related issues.

Quality care

Comprehensive network of healthcare providers

Through AXA Health’s comprehensive network of health providers your employees can access medical and surgical treatment at negotiated rates. 

Occupational health

Combine it with our Occupational Health Service

In addition, if you choose AXA Health’s Occupational Health service you can take advantage of our case management expertise and the efficiencies and consistencies of an integrated service.

"When one of your employees is off sick for a day, it probably won’t have a lasting impact on your business. But if that key employee is unable to perform their normal work duties for a prolonged period, for example due to a musculoskeletal condition, you’re more likely to see an impact and are much more likely to struggle to return them to their role." 

Dr Yousef Habbab Medical Director, AXA Health’s Health Services division

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