Supporting neurodiversity at work

With nearly half (47%) of employers planning to enhance neurodiversity support within the next two years1, we expect this to be one of the next areas of focus for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). As well as workplace wellbeing strategies.

Creating inclusive workplaces means building an environment and developing a culture where everyone can thrive. Discover more ways to help neurodivergent talent to harness their unique skills, such as analytical thinking, complex problem solving, creativity, innovation and empathy.

Neurodiversity Assessment and Support service.

With wait times for an assessment often long and stressful. Many aren’t getting the support they need to make the most of their strengths and better manage their challenges. Connect your employees, and their eligible family members to timely assessments and early guidance.

Neurodiversity Seminars and Learning

Create a positive difference with seminars created by psychologists and neurodivergent individuals for individuals, line managers and organisations wanting to better understand neurodiversity.

Join the discussion

AXA Health joined REBA and a panel of business experts to discuss key insights around neurodiversity. From attracting and retaining specific neuro-talent in specialist skilled jobs, to introducing further support so all employees can work most effectively.

Key discussion points included:

  • What are the business, HR and workforce benefits of having a neuro-inclusive culture?
  • How can employers better support neurodifference?
  • How can employers better understand and support mental ill health where present with those with neurodivergence?
  • What are the most effective ways of educating and supporting managers, co-workers and teams?
  • What practical actions can employers take, including reasonable adjustments?
Blogs and articles

Check out our latest blogs, articles and webinars to help you promote supportive environments for your neurodivergent people.

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1REBA and AXA Health Employee Wellbeing Research Report 2022.