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Neurodiversity in the workplace

Watch our video: What is neurodiversity?

Approximately 1 in 7 of us is neurodivergent.1 But what is neurodiversity and what are the benefits of having a neuro-diverse workforce?

Neurodiversity refers to the different ways a person’s brain functions, processes information or interacts with the world around them. It’s often used as an umbrella term to define neurodivergent differences, thinking styles or alternative learning styles such as autism,2 attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia.

Ellie Greenhow, Neurodevelopment Lead at Problem Shared joined a panel of AXA Health employees as they explored the topic. Watch now.

We’ve pulled together a range of resources to support your line managers and your employees below.

1 Aston University, Neurodiversity Guide, 2020

2 Also known as autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or autism spectrum condition (ASC)