Boosting your team's mental wellbeing

Thrive Mental wellbeing

Whether you’re into the gym, online yoga or counting your steps, there are many ways to stay on top of your physical health. But what about when it comes to mental wellbeing?

With Thrive Mental Wellbeing, your employees can look after their mind health using proven behavioural tools that become part of their everyday routine. They’ll learn effective psychological techniques and cognitive behavioural therapy-based interventions to better manage their wellbeing. And they can set wellness goals and record their progress,
all in one handy app.

The app in action

With mental health issues affecting one in four people in England1, it's essential that businesses have a positive attitude to mental wellness. Thrive Mental Wellbeing is rich with tools, techniques and content to help your people improve their wellbeing and better manage their way through life’s struggles.

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Always-on mental wellbeing support

People may need help with stress, anxiety and depression at any time so Thrive Mental Wellbeing is available 24/7. They can use the app to manage their mood, better understand their stressors and find out whether they need more support – they can get help managing their condition if they do. Encourage your team to check in with the app regularly, rather than wait until they’re struggling.

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Content to help your people thrive

Thrive Mental Wellbeing uses computerised cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness techniques to create a personal tool that’s easy and intuitive to use. Content is updated regularly with engaging material to keep the app stimulating and relevant.

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The right help at the right time

Thrive Mental Wellbeing catches rising risks of conditions like stress, anxiety and depression, helping your employees recognise their symptoms and take action. Over time, the app gets to know each user and sets personal and manageable goals to help them manage their mind health.

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Sound guidance with proven results

Thrive is NHS digitally compliant2 for use by individuals and in the workplace. It’s proven to help spot risk factors for stress, anxiety and depression then suggest ways to change habits and prevent the worst effects taking hold. Thrive can also point your employees to our AXA Health Employee Assistance Programme if you have this in place – they just need to ‘request a callback’.

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Secure and confidential

Your teams can feel reassured that everything they tell the app about their stresses and concerns will be shared in confidence. Every quarter you’ll get a usage report to guide your wellbeing strategy and demonstrate how your organisation is improving its culture, but this won’t include personal information.

More employee wellbeing support for your business

From expert workshops and assessments to health coaching with physiologists, our employee wellbeing programmes make it easy for you to support your employees on their journey to healthy habits. Together, we’ll create a shared wellbeing ambition for your business.

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1 NHS England

2 Complies with NHS Digital Technology Assessment criteria

You must be 14 or over to use Thrive Mental Wellbeing.
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