Women’s Health in the Workplace in 2023

The consequences of neglecting women’s health in the workplace

In today's rapidly evolving workplace, addressing the health and wellbeing of women is essential for creating inclusive and productive work environments. We teamed up with The Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) to develop a comprehensive research campaign that sheds light on the experiences of women in the workplace concerning their health.

Our report highlights an alarming issue with women's health at work. The report shows that the ongoing neglect in this area is taking a hefty economic toll on the UK, costing around £20.2 billion each year. In addition, when facing health issues that affect women, 83% report a financial impact, while nine in ten also experience emotional job-related struggles.

The research reveals several ways in which businesses can start to better support their female employees, these include:


Flexible working arrangements

Offering options such as flexible hours, remote work, and job-sharing to accommodate the specific needs of women.


Specific conditions support

Providing tailored support for various health conditions, including guidance for line managers to ensure better understanding and assistance.


Mental health support

Offering confidential counseling and access to mental health resources to help female employees manage their emotional well-being.


Access to information

Ensuring access to comprehensive information pertaining to women’s health, including preventative steps individuals can take.


Health and wellbeing support

Employee wellbeing support for both the physical and mental health needs of your team, taking into consideration individual needs. 


Wellness training

Providing resources and training for managers so they feel confident to support women facing health challenges.


Physical workplace adjustments

Making the office environment more comfortable and accommodating for women experiencing health-related challenges.

£20.2 billion

annually is the cost of neglecting women's health at work costs the UK economy

Women's Health report
To find out more about women's health in the workplace, please view the full report.

"By commissioning this report, we wanted to uncover the challenges faced by women in relation to their health, specifically in the workplace, and put forward evidence-based solutions to ensure they are better supported."

Pallavi Bradshaw, Deputy Chief Medical Officer

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