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Getting ahead in 2021: Managing Mental Wellbeing

Events and Webinars

16 December 2020

As we turn the corner and start to look forward, how should we prepare to look after the mental wellbeing of our teams in 2021 and beyond?

Unlike the pandemic, mental wellbeing is something we can do something about. And now's the time to take steps to mitigate the impact of this year's upheaval on your employees – and on the health of your business – by being ready to understand and manage their needs.

Listen to our webinar to hear Dr Mark Winwood, Mental Health Services Clinical Lead at AXA Health, talk through: 

  • The impact of 2020 on mental wellbeing at work
  • Why mental wellbeing at work matters for business health
  • How getting ahead of your employees' needs can help them return to form
  • How you can help your people look ahead and build ongoing resilience.