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Manager helpline

Your managers play a vital role when it comes to your company’s success. But being a manager can be challenging, not least when it comes to being on hand to support the health and wellbeing of your people. Managers have to deal with whatever’s thrown at them. Sometimes they take on too much personally and this can be overwhelming.


The number of managers who say their organisation offers no mental health and wellbeing training and/or support for managerial staff.

Workplace Wellbeing: The Role of Line Managers in Promoting Positive Mental Health, March 2019.

How it works

Our manager helpline gives your managers the expert help and guidance they need when they need it, so they can balance the needs of employee and company. The helpline is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.


Support for every situation

No matter the query one number connects your manager to the help they need. You can feel reassured that they’re getting the help they need to support their employees when difficult things happen, reducing the risk of absence and continued impact on your business. Plus, timely support and guidance will help build manager’s capability and resilience.


When they need to make a call

If your manager needs advice about supporting an employee’s health, whether it’s affecting their work or their work is affecting their health, we’ll put them in touch with our accredited occupational health team. They can help with traumatic incidents, mental health concerns and physical health risks, serious illness, questions about pay, disability, bullying, absence, redundancy – whatever’s needed.

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Everything’s connected

Whatever the issue, our advisers can help your manager understand what an employee might be going through and learn how to best support them. And they’ll help your managers make the most of the services you have available for your teams, whoever provides them.

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Together, let’s keep people safe and well at work. To discuss your occupational health provision, or how better to support employee wellbeing, contact your account manager or one our wellbeing consultants today.