Welcome to a fast, easy way to see a GP

AXA Doctor at Hand puts everyday health at your employee’s fingertips

They can see a GP or an Advance Nurse Practitioner whenever they want, wherever they are. And benefit from tests and scans without having to take time out to see a consultant first1

AXA Doctor at Hand, powered by Doctor Care Anywhere, is a private online GP service that puts better health in easy reach for everyone. 

AXA Doctor at Hand is included as part of Advance, our corporate health insurance. Or you can buy it on its own as a healthcare benefit for your business.

How AXA Doctor at Hand works

Anytime appointments

AXA Doctor at Hand appointments, by video or phone, are just a couple of taps away – 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year2. There’s no waiting for the surgery to open. And there’s no hanging on the phone for an appointment.

From the GP to the Specialist
Hand-picked GPs and Advance Nurse Practitioners

Appointments are with qualified doctors and Advanced Nurse Practitioners hand-picked by Doctor Care Anywhere. Your employees will share up to 20 minutes at each appointment and can even choose who they want to see.

Health tracking
Seamless patient journeys

With our Advance corporate health membership if something needs looking into, both GP and Advanced Nurse Practitioner can recommend some diagnostic tests or scans1. Your employees might not need to see a consultant first. A specialist will review the results remotely before the GP or Advanced Nurse Practitioner goes through them with the employee over the phone or by video call, saving precious time. 

Prescription Icon
Prescriptions made easy

If a prescription could help, your employees won’t even have to visit a pharmacy. Prescriptions can be delivered straight to the office, their home or a local pharmacy if it’s easier3.

Medical records at a touch
Medical records at a touch

The latest secure technology means your employees can track and download their notes and scans via their secure patient record. Full medical notes can be sent to their NHS GP to make sure that everyone’s in the picture.

Consultation confidentiality is paramount. Your business will be given overall usage reports but no personal details.

Find out more about our AXA Doctor at Hand online private GP service

Digital health: the changing landscape of how we access GP services

This 2020 report combines our own research with findings from the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), to look at how offering online consultations not only benefits the healthcare sector, but also businesses and patients.

1If included in your Advance AXA Health plan and where clinically and geographically appropriate (available in England, Scotland and Wales). Dependants must be aged 18+ for GP to be able to organise diagnostics.

2Subject to appointment availability. 

3AXA Doctor at Hand prescriptions are available in most circumstances and available only in the UK. Outpatient prescriptions and delivery costs are an additional cost and may cost more than the NHS cost.