Small steps. Big changes.

Put your people in control of their health with the AXA Health app

Behavioural science tells us that new habits only start to form if you make it easy to build them into your day-to-day life. That’s why we’ve created the AXA Health app. 

It’s designed to help all your employees1 take small, incremental steps to improve their lifestyles and become the best they can be – fit, well and fired-up to stay healthy, at work and every day.

Simple, accessible health and wellbeing support

Created with clinical experts and behavioural scientists, the AXA Health app brings together detailed assessments, coaching programmes, line-manager support, inspiring content, wellbeing services and more to put your employees in control of their health and achieve real change. 

The AXA Health app is available for free to our clients with an AXA Health corporate health insurance plan, corporate health trust, occupational health service or AXA Health Employee Assistance Programme*. What’s more, it’s available to your whole workforce1.

*Tiered pricing options may be introduced in the future. Excludes occupational health on-demand clients and EAP hub clients.


Energising and proactive

Comprehensive assessments such as our mental-wellbeing assessment and our first-to-market health-age assessment give your employees direction. They can then start taking small steps towards healthy habits in a safe and secure way by following one of our expert-led programmes.


Motivating and effective

Using behavioural science, we’ve unlocked the most effective ways to support and motivate your employees to keep going on the path to better health. We’ll celebrate their progress, cheer them on with reminders and give them gentle nudges to help them stay on track. 


Connected and timesaving

The app signposts your whole workforce to other services they have access to, like your employee assistance programme (ours or another provider’s), the Thrive Mental Wellbeing app, AXA Doctor at Hand and, for members with our healthcare cover, their membership site for policy information and making claims. There's also support for line managers in the form of signposting for occupational health referrals and support.


Informative and insightful

Anonymised data and reporting guides your wellbeing strategy and helps you demonstrate the continued value of investing in the health of your employees. So you can continue to make smart decisions for the ongoing wellbeing of your workforce. 


Expert and trustworthy

Coaching programmes are created by behavioural scientists and physiologists to help your people make small changes that last. Content and services from experts in health and wellbeing, including AXA Health and the Thrive Mental Wellbeing app2.

“People whose company provides good mental-health support are almost twice as likely to be flourishing (27% vs 15%) as those who don’t."

–  AXA Health UK Mind Health 2023 report

Wellbeing programmes, created by experts, included in-app

Whether they’re working from home or supporting their team onsite, with the AXA Health app all your employees1 can enjoy easy access to expert support, as well as trusted ways to build healthy habits that last. 

Our in-app programmes have been created to improve their understanding of what impacts and influences their mental and physical wellbeing, helping them take action in small and effective ways.

If an employee doesn’t want to do a programme, but they still want health and wellbeing guidance and support – no problem. Anytime they want, they can browse expert-curated content and find signposting to information about other AXA Health services you have in place.

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1Employees must be 18 years or over.

2This content will appear if you have the Thrive: Mental Wellbeing app as part of your service agreement with AXA Health.