men and womens health

Help your people take control of their wellbeing

Discover men’s and women’s health support services

It’s not always easy for people to discuss their health concerns at work or take the time they need to find the right support. Particularly when it comes to intimate issues specific to men’s and women’s health. 

Help your people, and their family members, take control of their wellbeing with men's and women’s health support services. Together with digital-health app Peppy, we’re offering these services to help you connect your whole workforce to expert support, education and guidance for the issues that matter to them.

Why it matters

The health of any business relies on the health of its people. But when it comes to certain personal issues, some might find it difficult to get the support they need. Whether they’re uncomfortable talking about a particular condition specific to male or female health, or they’re unsure where to turn for guidance, the longer it takes for an employee to get the help they need, the more it can impact their life. Both at home and at work.

  • Men are generally less likely to visit a GP or pharmacy than women1
  • Only 35% of women feel comfortable talking about health issues at work2
  • 67% of men are overweight or obese3
  • 85% of working-age women have experienced at least four women’s health conditions4

Offering men’s and women’s health services is not only a positive step in terms of diversity and inclusion. It can also help keep the whole workforce healthy, which could improve the team’s performance and enable you to attract and retain the very best people.

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