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Management Referral and Occupational Health Assessment service

Our Occupational Health management Referral and Assessment service is designed to help your employees stay healthy at work and help to make sure that you meet your duty of care requirements. We specialise in the complex relationship between work, health and performance.

How it works

You’ll benefit from access to a multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals, experienced at assessing and advising employees and employers.

Simple and convienient
Simple and convenient referral

As soon as a health issue arises that is going to impact an employee’s role, your managers can refer the case using our online portal: The Workplace Health Gateway. Designed to let your managers get on with their jobs, we’ll work with you to provide clarity as to when an Occupational Health referral should occur. 


Assessed in person or over the phone, our team of clinical experts will be able to form an impartial view on an employee’s ability to work. 

Take confidence
Take confidence from expertise

We take care to recruit experienced practitioners, invest time in ongoing training as well as audit and review our affiliate network to ensure quality nationwide coverage. Our trained advisors, doctors and nurses are specialist practitioners and experts in occupational medicine. 

Supported case management
Supported Case Management

If the employee’s condition or situation is complex, one of our experienced Occupational Health team can put together a tailored plan to help you manage the impact of the condition in the most effective way.  We’ll champion their care every step of the way, and help them get back to their best.

Clear practical advice
Clear practical advice

We’ll provide your managers with advice and guidance that’s based on a combination of medical judgement and the evidence created by hundreds of thousands of past cases. Recommendations are made to achieve the best outcome for both employee and business.

Nationwide coverage

Our network of physicians cover the whole of the UK and can provide independent, robust and impartial reports.

Our Management Advice Reports include:

  • A clear summary of key medical information, suitable for non-medical managers and employees to understand
  • Recovery expectations including timeframes for an initial return to work
  • Details of relevant legislation helping support your duty of care
  • An assessment of the employees fitness to attend procedural meetings
  • A rehabilitation recovery plan
  • An assessment of the likelihood and timeframes for full return
  • Details of the relationship between work and the health condition or absence
  • Answers to specific questions asked by the manager or employee

Manager Health Gateway

Making a referral, tracking a case and completing an assessment needs to be simple for managers. The Workplace Health Gateway allows your teams and our multi-disciplinary experts access at all times. The intuitive booking tool helps your employees see the next available appointment and book a time convenient to all. Robustly tested and hosted by AXA, the world’s largest insurer, you can be sure your employee’s data is secure and confidential.  

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