Healthcare Trusts


Corporate healthcare trusts

Flexibility to tailor your employee benefits

Healthcare trusts can offer larger organisations a creative and flexible way to meet their employee health and wellbeing needs.

We’ll help you to design a trust with benefits that are right for your organisation and ensure a smooth and hassle-free set up or transfer. Then, once everything is up and running, we’ll ensure that you, your managers and your employees get the health and wellbeing service your organisation deserves.

The benefits for you from a Healthcare Trust

  • Take full control over the employee benefits you choose to provide
  • Choose an option that gives the certainty of setting your maximum financial liability
  • Leave claims and service to our employee health experts

AXA Health is one of the UK’s largest Healthcare Trust providers, offering flexibility through either a Health Trust or our Health Master Trust.

How it works

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Establishing a trust fund

The employer sets up a trust and establishes a trust fund to be used to pay for the medical treatment costs of its beneficiaries.

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Appointing trustees

The employer appoints trustees to run the trust according to the trust rules. Unlike some other trusts, the trustees are not directly involved in day-to-day decisions, such as working out how much an individual member is entitled to claim for.

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Establishing trust rules

The trust rules are set out in a membership handbook and trust deed. These set out what treatment will be paid for and who the beneficiaries are.

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Appointing an administrator

The trustees appoint an administrator. An administration agreement sets out how the administrator will handle all the day-to-day healthcare expenditure, administration and claims. Treatment costs are paid out of the trust fund.

Benefits available through a healthcare trust

Your company can also benefit from all the following features of corporate healthcare with AXA Health:


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Easy access to mental health support

If your employees need support with their mental health, we’re on hand to intervene early. Helping them feel better and get back to work quickly, and perhaps not take time off at all.

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Speedy access to diagnosis for aches and pains

Problems with muscles, joints and bones are among the most common reasons for needing time off work. Your employees can speak to a musculoskeletal expert as soon as pain strikes – without needing a GP referral first.

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Cover and care at every stage of cancer

No cancer journey is the same. Our cancer cover is guided by medical experts, by your business needs and by our experience.


Keeping your people fit, well and fired up

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Talking healthy habits

Encouraging people to live healthy lives can be hard. The Proactive Health Gateway – which you can offer with your healthcare benefits – actively learns about your employees and supports them with tips and tools tailored to their goals. So, whether they’re aiming to boost fitness levels or better manage stress, they’ll be motivated to make changes they’re more likely to stick to.

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Make the most of your healthcare benefits

We’ve made accessing all the features of your health and wellbeing programme super simple. The Wellbeing Hub gives your employees access to everything from how to make a claim to supporting active lifestyle change, all in one place.

Woman on a tablet

Fast GP access for your teams

Our 24/7 online GP service makes it easy for your employees to fit an appointment around home and work commitments.

Health at hand

Expert guidance anytime

Anyone with a health worry can call us at Health at Hand, giving them 24/7 access to our healthcare professionals.

Good for the soul, good for the body

We believe in supporting a workforce’s health and wellbeing, by helping them find their feelgood health. We’ll offer your employees up to 40% off monthly membership at Nuffield Health Fitness and Wellbeing Centres.

Health Trust

Our Health Trust offers you control over:

  • the benefits you provide
  • who you appoint as legal and tax advisers when setting up your trust
  • who you appoint as trustees.

You own the trust.

Health Master Trust

With our innovative Health Master Trust you choose:

  • the benefits you provide
  • who you appoint as legal and tax advisers to sign off on the trust
  • However, we act as your trustees as well as providing the administration service.

We own the trust. The trust is tied to AXA PPP healthcare Administration Services Limited and is non transferrable.

Ready to know more?

For more information, contact your intermediary or speak to us direct about healthcare trusts.