Your people are vital to your success

If your people stay well, this helps to keep your business fit and healthy too. And supporting them when they’re unwell helps you get them back to work quickly, limiting the impact to your business. This is especially important if you have a small workforce.

 “A focus on employee wellbeing and health promotion benefits people and their employers. It can help prevent ill health, and support people to balance work whilst minimising the impact of any ill health symptoms, where possible."

Absence Measurement and Management Factsheets |CIPD June 2023

It’s your choice

Help prevent ill health, go beyond your duty of care, and maintain a strong and fit workforce by choosing from our range of 'as you need them' occupational health and wellbeing services. 

Connect your business with expert health guidance from our UK wide network of specialists.

Choose from :

  • Manager Referral /Occupational Health Assessments 
  • Workstation assessments
  • New starter health assessments
  • Targeted support for individuals experiencing mental health problems.
  • Awareness training for line managers to help them prevent and manage sickness absence

How it works

  • Initially you’ll need to complete a set up form, and agree to terms of use to create an account with us. This is at no cost to you.
  • Once you are set up, you are then able to contact us via a dedicated online platform to book the service you want from the range above.  

See our FAQs for more details

Also available are:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Health and wellbeing assessment days
  • Mental health first aid training
  • Psychological support
  • Health-awareness seminars

There are various services to choose from, but here are some of the most popular

Management Referral Service

Telephone assessment and management
advice report
 £156.00 excl. VAT*

If an employee is off work because of a health problem, or a health issue is starting to affect their ability to do their normal job, you can refer them for an independent medical assessment done by an occupational health adviser. You’ll get clear and practical advice to help you manage the situation and limit the extent of your employee’s health issue. What’s more, conducting an assessment at an early stage could stop a problem from getting worse.

How it works: 

  • Once you have On Demand set up, you can make a referral through our online platform.
  • Then a telephone assessment will take place with the individual and an occupational health adviser.
  • This is then followed by a management advice report.

Column 3.jpg

Easy service to access online. Online forms are self-explanatory. Feedback and contact with reports is quick and easy to access. Information on reports is relevant and informative.

HR employee, AXA Health On Demand survey 2022


Online new-starter health assessment

£21 excl. VAT*

Sometimes employees have health issues that could put them at risk in your work environment. With our On Demand health assessments, you can find out about any health challenges up-front. Then act to mitigate any risks to your new employee’s health, best supporting their arrival. You’ll help them stay well and you’ll also support at work performance,
right from the start. 

How it works

  • You set up an On Demand account, once you’re up and running, you can make a referral through our dedicated online platform.
  • You then choose from an online role-tailored questionnaire completed through our online platform - the Workplace Health Gateway.
  • You’ll need to set up the individual you are referring on the system. They will then receive a welcome email for them to log in and complete the form.
  • You’ll then receive next-steps guidance, such as a further assessment, practical advice on workplace adjustments, or a certification that your new employee is fit for the role.

Remote or onsite single
workstation assessment

Ergonomic assessments
By telephone £156 excl. VAT*
Onsite £415 excl. VAT*

Each assessment will be carried out by an expert assessor, who will recommend clear actions you can take and list any ‘reasonable adjustments’ you need to make to help your employee work safely.

How it works

  • Telephone call or onsite visit and assessment, with outcome and recommendations provided in a report uploaded to the Workplace Health Gateway.

Onsite worker_500x322.jpg

5.7 business days were lost to absenteeism per employee in 2022

(Sickness absence in the UK labour marketing 2022, Office of National Statistics,

Occupational health clinical support day

Occupational health training day with an occupational health adviser
(for up to 4 people, 8am to 6pm)
£919 excl. VAT*

Training your employees on occupational health awareness could benefit your business.  With our ‘Occupational health clinical support day’, our health adviser will spend the day with up to 4 of your people guiding them through what to look out for and how to prevent any challenges.

Pick from a choice of occupational health guidance and education seminars or tool-box talks to managers, HR staff and/or employees as appropriate.

How it works: 

  • Once you have let us know you want to proceed, we’ll call you first to discuss your preferences for the day. 
  • Onsite day with up to four clinical hours of guidance from an AXA occupational health adviser.

On Demand FAQs

Once you have told us you want to take the service, you’ll be sent a set up form. On completion of this our Contracts team will issue our standard On Demand terms and conditions for you to review and sign off.  You’ll then be set up on our systems and you’ll receive a welcome email.  You’ll also receive an email containing a link to the online portal and your unique login details.

Through our online portal – Workplace Health Gateway. However, some services will still require you to email our team for set up.

We aim to contact your employee within 24 hours of receipt of referral and will book in the first mutually convenient appointment.  You can also access our booking portal via the Workplace Health Gateway, which allows your referred employees to check availability and book the appointment themselves.

As part of our welcome email, we will provide a key contact sheet, which provides contact details for our operations team. The team are on hand to discuss any queries you have on the report.

A copy of our Service Level Agreements document is available on request.

Book now

Enquire now by filling in the form to request a call back or read about our services in the brochure.

*VAT will be charged as applicable at the standard rate. Important note: services are available in mainland UK only. Rates are fixed until 31 December 2023. Rates are reviewed on an annual basis and any changes to the stated charges will be communicated by 31 October annually to take effect from 1 January the following year.

The price provided for these services excludes travel and subsistence expenses which will be charged at cost. There is no maximum we charge, the expense in dependent on the location, time of year etc.  If required, we can estimate the amount at time of booking.