Health surveillance

Ensuring safer and healthier workplaces

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Health surveillance and fitness for work

Making sure people are safe at work isn’t just something we can tick off the list and be done with. Checking employees remain fit to carry out their specific jobs or tasks is an ongoing process. And businesses need to know that the measures they have in place to keep people safe and well are working properly.


The number of non-fatal injuries to workers in 2019/20

Based on self-reports from the ONS Labour Force Survey,, 2020.

How it works

Together we’ll make sure your employees are fit and safe to do the work you need them to do.

Tailored to your people and business

We’ll work with you to create a rolling programme of timely assessments that’s tailored to your needs. Our occupational health clinicians will help you identify risks early and you’ll be able to see clearly when and where you may need to offer help, intervene or make systematic adjustments. All our assessments are underpinned by clinical protocols.

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Building a programme of ongoing assessments

If your people are exposed to certain risks at work, by law you need to build ongoing health surveillance checks into your programme. We also offer fitness-for-work medical assessments for specific roles.

Clear, practical advice

Simple to manage and monitor

From scheduling assessments to case tracking and viewing health certification, our Workplace Health Gateway makes managing your assessments programme simple. Plus it provides a fully transparent audit trail to ensure your business and people are healthy, safe and compliant.

What we have to offer

Ongoing health surveillance

  • Hand arm vibration syndrome
  • Skin assessments
  • Hearing tests
  • Lung function tests
  • Biological monitoring

Fitness for work

  • Airside driver medicals with audio and colour vision
  • Cabin crew assessments
  • Forklift truck driver medicals
  • Food handler assessments
  • Night worker assessments
  • Welder assessments
  • Working at height/climbing medicals
  • Firefighter medicals (confined spaces, with/without breathing equipment)

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Together, let’s keep people safe and well at work. To discuss your occupational health provision, or how better to support employee wellbeing, contact your account manager or one our wellbeing consultants today.