Private healthcare cover that costs your business nothing

Find the balance

We understand the delicate balancing act that businesses maintain. On one hand, you want your team to be healthy and fulfilled, and you canʼt afford for anyone to be off work for long. But you donʼt have the time or the money to run a tailored private healthcare plan.

AXA Health will help to bring out your peopleʼs best selves, and give them a pathway to workplace wellbeing.

And weʼll do it all with minimum fuss and no cost to you.

We’ll take care of it

We know itʼs important not to burden you with extra responsibilities, so as well as being cost-free to you, this employee wellbeing benefit is hassle-free too.

With your permission, weʼll contact your employees or customers and invite them to join. Weʼll give them all the information they need to choose the right products and services and, if they want to talk through the options, weʼll organise an appointment and follow up with comprehensive support. Then itʼs up to them to weigh up their options, balancing their individual needs to create tailored healthcare cover.

We'll provide you with an account manager and a dedicated telephone number so employees can come straight to us to get a quote. Weʼll also give you all the marketing tools you need.

Wellbeing at work

Good for you

Medical records at a touch
AXA Online
Online support
Clear, practical advice
Flexes to fit existing
Personalised based on your needs
Dedicated account
Full marketing
Zero cost to you

Good for them

Through AXA Health, individuals have access to over 36,000 practitioners and 250 hospitals across the UK. They can talk to GPs, physiotherapists and specialists whenever they need to. Theyʼll be a phone call away from trusted information around the clock, and theyʼll get exclusive gym discounts.

Depending on the cover chosen, benefits may include:

Subject to their medical history each individual can add the products that feel important to them. They’ll have complete peace of mind, knowing they can get help to support for any new medical conditions that arise after they join.

The wellbeing of your people. The financial health of your business. Itʼs all about balance.

With a new focus on wellbeing, your people will feel valued and looked after. You may even see a reduction in absenteeism. And because we set everything up, you can concentrate on taking care of business.

We work with all kinds of businesses and benefit platforms. You may be a corporate CEO, a university HR director or an intermediary looking for a new lead. Whatever your health insurance needs, weʼre here to help.

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