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Corporate Health Insurance

Guiding your business to a healthier future

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Our experience helps you look ahead

Every day we guide thousands of people to better health. Whether it’s helping them lower their cholesterol, supporting someone with their mental health, providing funds for prostheses or being there through cancer. With over 75 years of experience behind us, drawing on our wealth of insight and expertise to identify what’s on the horizon is second nature.

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Keeping you at the cutting edge of innovation

Whether it’s 24/7 access to online GPs, pathways to speedy treatment and support from healthcare professionals, or smart digital tools to keep people inspired about staying well, Advance healthcare cover is making a difference – transforming workplace health to keep your business out in front.

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Building a solution around your business

Our health, wellbeing and medical experts have crafted every element of our company health insurance to support your business. You’ll find tools, information and insight to help you make the best decisions for the health of your employees and your business, plus control over how you fund your cover.

What's included in Advance?

We're devoted to delivering better health, better service and better care at every stage of your employees' treatment. 

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Easy access to mental health support

If your employees need support with their mental health, we’re on hand to intervene early. Helping them feel better quickly, get back to work sooner, and perhaps not take time off at all.

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Speedy access to diagnosis for aches and pains

Problems with muscles, joints and bones are among the most common reasons for needing time off work. Your employees can speak to a musculoskeletal expert as soon as pain strikes – without needing to see a GP first.

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Cover and care at every stage of cancer

No cancer journey is the same. Our cancer cover is guided by medical experts, by your business needs and by our experience.


Advance keeps your people fit, well and fired up

We’ve revolutionised health insurance to be more than just claims management.

Small steps. Big changes

Encouraging people to live healthy lives can be hard. The AXA Health App – part of your Corporate Health Cover – is rich in content and tools to better help your employees understand their health and make positive behaviour changes. So, whether they’re aiming to boost fitness levels or better manage stress, they’ll be motivated to make changes they’re more likely to stick to.

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Make the most of your healthcare benefits

We’ve made accessing all the features of Advance super simple. The Wellbeing Hub gives your employees access to everything from how to make a claim to supporting active lifestyle change, all in one place.

AXA Doctor at Hand

Fast GP access for your teams

Our 24/7 online GP service makes it easy for your employees to fit an appointment around home and work commitments.

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Expert guidance anytime

Anyone with a health worry can call us at Health at Hand, giving them 24/7 access to our healthcare professionals.

Good for the soul, good for the body

We believe in supporting a workforce’s health and wellbeing, by helping them find their feelgood health. We’ll offer your employees up to 40% off monthly membership at Nuffield Health Fitness and Wellbeing Centres.

Your choice of payment plans

You wouldn’t be taking care of your people if you didn’t also take care of the pennies and pounds. Our flexible funding options support the way you run your business. Whether you choose full insurance, Health Trust or one of our other funding styles, you’re in control.

Your choice of cover for your employees

Your business is unique. Whether you’re exploring new markets, testing next year’s wonder-product or putting a heritage brand on shelves across the world. Whether your employees are based in one office or spread over the country. We’ll help you choose the best referral options, hospital network, benefits and benefit levels for your company.

Other ways we can help

Add these services to further support your Advance corporate health insurance plan.

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Keep your team fit and well from the outset

You are experts in your business and we know wellbeing. Together we’ll energise, educate and prevent ill health to help your employees thrive.

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Treatment options for the uninsured

An affordable, fast and targeted way for you to help employees who don’t access to private healthcare return to work quickly.

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