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Get active your way

The thought of getting more active can be a little intimidating at first, as can not knowing what to do, how long for, when’s best, or even why you’re doing it. If you don’t know your isometrics from your plyometrics, don’t panic. Whether it’s dancing in the kitchen, walking the dog, playing frisbee in the park, or an online yoga tutorial, keeping active doesn’t have to be about the burn; just do what’s right for you because you love it, not because you feel you have to.


Number 1

Consider your reasons for becoming more active

It’s important to understand your goals. For some it will be about reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. For others, it could be improving cardiovascular fitness, increasing their range of motion, or purely for the mental health benefits.

Number 2

Find what’s right for you

If you don’t enjoy running, don’t do it! If gyms aren’t your thing, don’t join one! Finding something you enjoy can be half the battle, but once you do, you’re more likely to stick to it and make it a regular habit.

Number 3

Finding time

It might mean getting up earlier, or using your lunch break, toddler nap time, or prepping your dinners at the weekend to free up more time in the evening for a post-work wiggle. And don’t forget, things like cleaning and gardening are also good examples of moderate activity that count towards your 150 minute target each week.

Number 4

Home workouts

You can create a little home workout circuit, using stairs, chairs or sofas for your resistance exercises. Just pick 5 or 6 moves to repeat, 10 times each – then complete 3 to 5 rounds, or however many you can fit into 20 minutes. Or you can try finding an online class that you can participate in virtually.

Number 5

Habit stacking

Can you do 20 squats while brushing your teeth every morning? How about 10 press ups while you wait for the kettle to boil? Repeating the same activity at the same time every day will help it become effortless and engrained into your lifestyle.

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