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Support for carers

Around one in seven of us in the UK1 are juggling both work and caring responsibilities. And this number is set to increase as our population ages. Being a carer while carrying on normal life can be incredibly challenging, so we’ve put together a few tips that could help.

1 Juggling work and unpaid care, Carers UK, 2019 carersuk.org/images/News_and_campaigns/Juggling_work_and_unpaid_care_report_final_WEB.pdf

Number 1

Know your rights

Under UK law, you have statutory rights as a carer in employment. These include the right to ask for flexible working, the right to take time off in an emergency, the right to parental leave, and the right to protection from discrimination.

Number 2

Think about telling your employer

It’s entirely your choice as to whether or not you speak to your employer about your caring responsibilities. But it may be that they are able to offer you additional support or help you better understand your contractual rights, which may be more generous than your statutory rights.

Number 3

Have a carer's assessment

Your local council should offer you an assessment to see if you need additional support and to look at ways that they can help you. For more information, contact your local council adult social services department.

Number 4

Look after yourself

You’ll provide the best support when you are feeling well. So make sure you are eating properly, getting enough sleep and taking time for yourself.

Number 5

Get support from others

It’s good to talk to people who can relate to your own experiences. Why not look to create a support network with other carers and groups?

Take a copy

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