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Top tips for a better night’s sleep

How much sleep do we need? In general, adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep but the exact amount varies from person to person. If you’re not getting enough sleep you tend to feel moody and irritable and lack focus. If ignored, lack of sleep is likely to affect your relationships, your work and your mental wellbeing. 


Number 1

Stay active

It’s not just about getting physically tired. Being active increases your metabolism and helps you manage stress and feelings of anxiety which can help to improve your sleep.

Number 2

Watch what you eat and drink and don’t smoke

Don’t have a heavy or spicy meal just before going to bed, but also don’t go to bed hungry. Avoid caffeine and alcohol if you want to sleep properly. Don’t smoke – nicotine is a stimulant.

Number 3

Develop a bedtime ritual

A relaxing night-time routine prepares your body and mind for sleep. Find one that works for you. Try taking a hot bath, reading a book, listening to calming music or make sure your bedroom is suitable for a good nights rest.

Number 4

Don’t toss and turn – get out of bed instead

If you can’t fall asleep after about 20 minutes, get up and do something else instead, like reading or listening to music. Then go back to bed when you feel tired.

Number 5

Jot down your troubles

Life is often stressful and it can take time and some effort to learn what coping methods work for you. Try using a journal to jot down things that are worrying you and keeping you awake. Transfer them to paper and deal with them when you are refreshed.

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