Health and Wellbeing Calendar 2021

A health strategy with year-round support

Creating a health and wellbeing strategy that resonates with your employees and sticks is no mean feat. We’re here to support, 2021’s calendar has engaging content that’ll help employees find their feelgood, seeking to encourage positive behaviour changes that can help them both at work and play.

2020 taught us many things; and we’re taking our learnings and your feedback into 2021. Look out for:

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You’ll be able to download all the materials here or via YourHQ. 2021’s calendar focuses on 3 key topic areas; Mind, Body and Self. Click on the links after each batch release date to download. 

MIND Infographic

Ways we can boost our mental wellbeing. From tips on avoiding burnout, to supporting children’s mental health and positive approaches to dealing with feeling isolated. 

BODY Infographic

Keep your body healthy, we’ll cover the benefits of being outdoors, ways to boost your energy, and more to help make positive, lasting change.

SELF Infographic

Self-care hints and tips. Help your teams to help themselves and be better placed to support others too.

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Posters and fact sheets

Dry January Poster

Time To Talk Poster (February)

Stress Awareness Month Poster (April)

Alcohol, Drugs and Your Mental Health Fact Sheet

Random Acts of Kindness Fact Sheet

Supporting Your Child's Emotional Wellbeing Fact Sheet

Top Tips for Avoiding Burnout Fact Sheet

Consider a Fake Commute Fact Sheet

How to Deal with Feeling Isolated Fact Sheet

Top Tips for a Better Nights Sleep Fact Sheet

Tips for Managing Stress Fact Sheet

Tips for Staying Energised Throughout the Day Fact Sheet 

Videos/ webinars and podcasts

How to Set Realistic Goals and Achieve Them (Video)

Building a Culture That Supports Strong Mental Health (Podcast)

Webinar: Managing Your Mind

Webinar: Counting Sheep? - A Panel Discussion on Sleeping Well

Sleep Series with Richie Norton (videos)

Line manager resources

Manager Guide: Wellbeing at Work

Manager Guide: Alcohol and Substance Misuse

Manager Guide: Supporting your Team and Avoiding Burnout

Video Series: Managing Mental Wellbeing with Dr Mark Winwood

Manager Guide: Keeping Momentum and Motivation in your Team

Manager Guide: Helping your Team to Manage Workloads

Additional articles/ resources/ information

Alcohol Concern

Time To Talk


Sleep Council

30 Day Feelgood Challenge (April)

AXA Health Sleep Articles

H&W Calendar_web assets_BODY.jpg

Posters and fact sheets

National Walking Month Poster (May)

Healthy Eating Week Poster (June)

Cervical Screening Awareness Week Poster (June)

Getting Active Your Way Fact Sheet

Working Well from Home Fact Sheet

How Keeping Active Benefits our Mental Wellbeing Fact Sheet

Sun Safety Fact Sheet

Cycle to Work Day Poster

Keep Connected Poster

Looking After Your Eyesight in a Digital World Fact Sheet

Supporting People Close to You With Cancer Fact Sheet

Healthy Ageing Fact Sheet

Keeping Connected With Your Colleagues Fact Sheet

Prostate Cancer Fact Sheet

Bowel Cancer Fact Sheet

Checking for Cancer Fact Sheet

Videos/ webinars and podcasts

Webinar: Mind over food - 25 Jun 2021, 12.30pm-1.30pm

Webinar: Times are changing, are you? - 20 Aug 2021, 12.30pm-1.30pm

Feelgood Health Playlist

Walking Mindfulness Video with Eugene Farrell

Managing return to work anxiety (video)

Line manager resources

Manager Guide: Building Resilience Through Diet and Exercise

Manager Guide: Supporting a Colleague Through Long-Term Sickness

Video: Preventing aches and pains when working from home

Manager Guide: Helping Colleagues Return to Work Safely 

Manager Guide: Blended Working

Manager Guide: Cancer

Additional articles/ resources/ information


British Nutrition Foundation

Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust

AXA Health Diet Articles

AXA Health Exercise Articles

Healthy Eating Challenge

Meal Planner Template

AXA Health Cancer Articles

Macmillan Cancer Support

H&W Calendar_web assets_SELF.jpg

Posters and fact sheets

World Suicide Prevention Day Poster

World Mental Health Day Poster

Mental Health Fact Sheet

Loss and Grief Fact Sheet

Work/Life Balance Fact Sheet

Menopause Fact Sheet

Self Care Fact Sheet

Supporting Someone With Suicidal Thoughts Fact Sheet

Movember Poster

Movember Fact Sheet

Decembeard Poster

Gut Health Poster

Finding Your Feelgood in the Winter Months - Mood Boosters Fact Sheet

Finding Your Feelgood in the Winter Months - Exercise Fact Sheet

Finding Your Feelgood in the Winter Months - Nutrition Fact Sheet

Looking After Your Money in the Winter Months Fact Sheet

Videos/ webinars and podcasts

Webinar: Staying well this winter - 26 Nov 2021, 12.30pm-1.30pm

How to Harness Your Winter Motivation (podcast)

Joy and Positivity this Winter (podcast)

Line manager resources

Manager Guide: Having a Conversation About Mental Health

Manager Guide: Men's and Women's Health

Manager Guide: Suicide Prevention

Men's and Women's Health: Support for Managers

Winter Wellness: Tips for Managers

Additional articles/ resources/ information


Mental Health UK

Movember UK

Bowel Cancer UK

Prostate Cancer UK

AXA Health Women's Health Articles

AXA Health Men's Health Articles

AXA Health: Men's and Women's Health Hub

AXA Health: Winter Wellness Hub

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Wellbeing programme

Keep your workforce fit, well and fired up about staying healthy, lets build your wellbeing programme together.

Feelgood Health tips

Take a look at our experts' articles for some great hints and tips to help you find your Feelgood Health. Some of the topics highlighted include nutrition, starting a fitness journey and looking after your mental health.

Food to feed your Feelgood
Food to fuel your feelgood

Good food really can boost your mood


Becoming more active
Becoming more active – your way

You don’t need to spend hours in the gym to keep fit.

Physical and mental health benefits
Mental health benefits of physical activity

Can moving more help develop resilience, improve low moods and boost self-esteem?