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Clear your head with cold water swimming

Meet Sam and Sian, the Welsh coldwater swimmers (who also like to eat cake).

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Diet and nutrition
10 diet and nutrition myths explained

With such a lot of information out there it can be a real minefield to know what to take on board.

11 common sleep myths debunked

Getting a good night’s sleep is a hugely important part of finding our feelgood health

Food to feed your Feelgood
Food to fuel your feelgood

Good food really can boost your mood


Becoming more active
Becoming more active – your way

You don’t need to spend hours in the gym to keep fit.

Physical and mental health benefits
Mental health benefits of physical activity

Can moving more help develop resilience, improve low moods and boost self-esteem?

Improve your health
Improve your health with a hobby

A hobby can give us a sense of satisfaction, relaxation, or exhilaration.

Physical and mental health
The physical and mental health benefits of having a pet

We don’t really need to sell this one too much do we.

Exercise myths
Don’t let exercise myths hold you back from staying active

Addressing all those misconceptions that stop you getting healthy.

Benefits of walking
Boost the health benefits of walking

Simple tricks to get the most out of your walk.

Benefits of cycling
Discover the joy of cycling

Cycling has never been so popular, find out why.

Benefits of nature
Mental health benefits of nature

Discovering the great outdoors really is that great.

Discover the benefits of standup paddleboarding

Being out in nature on the water comes with a whole host of benefits. 

How dance is beneficial to your health and wellbeing
How dance is beneficial to your health and wellbeing

In the kitchen or in the studio, dance has a number of positives for your body and mind.

The health benefits of music
The health benefits of music

See how blasting your favourite tunes can have a real benefit to your health. 

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