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A new way for your clients to look after their employees’ wellbeing



We know how important it is for an organisation’s whole workforce to be fit, well and inspired to stay healthy. And the challenges businesses face getting it right. That’s why we’ve created the new AXA Health app to support your clients and their employees. 

The AXA Health app puts a little bit of ‘feelgood’ motivation at their employees’ fingertips as well as any benefits and services they have with us. Designed to support their health and wellbeing journey with us simpler and more connected, helping them take small steps to improve their lifestyles and become the best they can be – whatever that means to them. 

Created with clinical experts and behavioural scientists, our new app brings together assessments, coaching programmes, line-manager support, inspiring content, services and more to put your client’s employees in control of their health and achieve real change.


71% of businesses either already offer or plan to introduce a health and/or wellbeing app for their employees. - REBA Employee Wellbeing Report 2021 


How the AXA Health app can help your clients and their people

Online support for AXA Health benefits online and in the palm of their hand.

Access to guidance and support 

Smooth signposting to their AXA Health services, or EAP service with another provider, if that’s what they have in place. All via one App. There’s help for line managers too, with tailored tips and content to help them confidently guide their teams to the right resources.

Expert guidance and coaching 

Coaching programmes have been created by behavioural scientists and physiologists to help your clients’ employees make small changes that last. Content and services from experts in health and wellbeing, including AXA Health, Thrive: Mental Wellbeing1 and sleep specialists Lys.

Data to shape your clients' wellbeing strategy 

Help your clients’ employees take control of their health while you and your clients take control of their wellbeing strategy, too. Reporting with utilisation and engagement data helps to demonstrate the continued value of investing in the health and wellbeing of their workforce and make smart decisions about where to focus.

Free to the whole workforce2 

The AXA Health wellbeing app is available to the whole of your client’s workforce2 free of charge3 when they have an AXA Health corporate health insurance plan, corporate health trust or occupational health service with us, or our Employee Assistance Programme4.

For more information, speak to your intermediary consultant today.



1 This content will appear if your clients have the Thrive: Mental Wellbeing app as part of their service agreement with AXA Health

2 The AXA Health app is for those aged 18 and over

3 Tiered pricing options may be introduced in the future

4 Excludes occupational health on-demand clients and EAP hub clients

AXA Health App - B2B from AXA Health on Vimeo.