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Supporting mental health in the workplace

Stronger Minds

People shouldn’t have to battle depression on their own. Nor should they be left alone to fight anxiety. Our clinically led pathway, Stronger Minds, makes sure we're on hand to intervene early if your employees need support with their mental health.

Stronger Minds is included as part of Advance, our corporate health insurance. 

A faster route to treatment

15% of people at work1 have symptoms of an existing mental health condition. As soon as your employee2 begins to experience the first or repeat signs of a mental health issue, they only need to make one call to start receiving help and support; with no GP referral required.

1 Thriving at work, 2017

2 Stronger Minds is only available to those aged 18 years and over. 

How it works

Talk to an expert

Talk to an expert without any fuss

Your employees won’t have to take time out for a GP appointment. Simply call to arrange an assessment. Our counsellor or psychologist will listen attentively, and suggest a treatment plan that’s clinically  appropriate.

Right care and treatment

The right care and treatment

Mental health conditions are complex, and treatment can vary enormously. Our counsellors and psychologists manage this daily, helping your employees to the most appropriate treatment from self-help and life management to CBT, counselling or referral onto psychiatry.

Quality care

Quality care nationwide

Treatment is delivered by our approved network of counsellors and psychologists who have been carefully selected to deliver a high standard of quality care.

Treatment will take place in one of our preferred clinics, fitness and wellbeing sites or medical centres around the country at a time that suits your employee.

Every step

Guiding every step of the way

There will be times when a condition is complex or a treatment plan needs to be revised. In these instances the Stronger Minds team, will be there to support and guide through the process, ensuring that your employee is completely comfortable with all of the recommendations for further treatment.

Removing the barriers to seeking help

Mental health cover and the Stronger Minds pathway are included as standard in our corporate health cover and we’re committed to ensuring fast direct access to treatment. We’re delighted with the positive feedback from those accessing the service and the value this is adding to businesses. 

  • Tackling concerns earlier has shown to have a positive impact on outpatient claims cost1.
  • By combining Stronger Minds and AXA Health’s Employee Assistance Programme service you can better route your employees mental health calls to the right treatment first time.

 1 Early intervention in mental illness 

“I felt so lucky I was an AXA Health member through work… being treated privately did mean I was seen quickly and there was no extra stress around getting treatment, so I could focus on getting better and taking control of my life. In the end, I had several different types of treatment. It made such a difference that I didn’t have to worry about when, or where I got it”

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