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Imposter Syndrome - Stay ‘TRUE’ to yourself


12 September 2018

Dr Mark Winwood, director of psychological services at AXA PPP healthcare, comments:  “Imposter Syndrome is a widespread but little-known phenomenon so understanding how to overcome fraudulent feelings and nurture a more confident self – and team – will go a long way towards bolstering confidence and performance.”    

Despite a significant proportion of the UK’s workforce feeling like imposters, nearly three-quarters (73%) of the people polled said they have never heard of the Imposter Syndrome phenomenon.1

To take on those imposter feelings Dr Winwood encourages people to be TRUE - Talk, Remind, Use and Evaluate. Download our infographic below. 


Dr Winwood has also created a podcast series explaining his TRUE approach to help not only those experiencing Imposter Syndrome but also for managers wishing to support and nurture employees it affects. With each episode (in turn) exploring Talk, Remind, Use and Evaluate, Mark speaks with four entrepreneurs about their experience of Imposter Syndrome and overcoming it. 

To listen to the podcasts, visit the AXA PPP healthcare SoundCloud.

1.Research of 1,000 working people (500 SME owners and 500 employees) undertaken July 2018 by Vitreous World for AXA PPP healthcare.