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Access your complimentary toolkit for expert-led panel discussions, a ready-to-go employee wellbeing survey, and three bitesize motivational videos to help your teams make positive changes to their health.

Inspiration for workplace wellbeing

Feelgood businesses are where today’s employees want to be. Wellbeing at work has evolved beyond the Friday fruit bowl and is now high on the agenda when people are choosing a job. Employees expect a workplace that will help them thrive and maximise their potential.

We explore the wellbeing steps that are working today and look at how emerging trends are likely to shape the future. From culture and leadership to effective wellbeing measures that you can put into practice, you’ll gain the insight and guidance you need to help your teams flourish.

Feelgood people create Feelgood businesses

Today, we know that people who are supported at work are 60% more likely to be happy and nearly twice as likely to flourish in their roles (AXA Mind health & wellbeing study 2022). In our Feelgood Business videocasts, host and mental-health champion Rob Stephenson is joined by progressive business leaders and AXA Health experts to discuss creating a Feelgood Business that works for everyone.

Keeping ahead with workplace wellness
Help employees flourish in the new era of work
Trust, culture and belonging at work

Meet the experts

Learn more about the business leaders and AXA Health experts.

Access your toolkit

The pandemic has established hybrid working. But, by extending the workplace to the home, it’s presented businesses with new wellbeing challenges. This toolkit provides expert insight and advice on how to keep your teams fit, well and fired up wherever they’re working.

  • Watch the full videocast series, featuring the latest opinions and findings from our experts on the benefits and challenges of this era-defining shift.
  • Use our workplace wellbeing survey, designed to help you capture actionable insights about your business.
  • Share bitesize, motivational videos to help your people take those small steps to lasting change.

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Helping your clients keep pace with workplace wellbeing

Your clients are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of their employees’ overall wellbeing – both at work and outside. Whether you’re new to healthcare and want to understand the opportunities it presents, or you’re looking to grow your business and provide the best possible support for your clients and their employees, we’re here to help you succeed. We offer:

  • technology and services that help employees better understand and improve their personal wellbeing
  • reliable healthcare services, such as our 24/7 health advice line and our ‘wherever, whenever’ GP service, AXA Doctor at Hand
  • our all-new AXA Health app1 (large corporates only), which nudges people in the right direction to take those small steps that lead to big, feelgood changes
  • up to 40% off gym membership discounts across the UK, making it easier and more affordable for everyone to find a way to feel good.

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Thinking big with SMEs

47% of UK employees see healthcare cover as a key part of an employee benefits package.2 You can help keep your SME clients happy by helping them keep their employees healthy.

We’re their partner for success

The landscape of work and health is changing. We’ll work with your large-corporate clients to embrace the future of health so their people and business can prosper.

Share some bitesize benefits

Seizing the opportunity in every moment can have a huge impact on how we enjoy the everyday. Why not share our inspirational Feelgood Health page with your clients to help kickstart a fresh perspective?

  1. The AXA Health app is available to all new clients and existing clients from their renewal date – they just need to have an AXA Health corporate health insurance plan, corporate health trust, occupational health service, or AXA Health Employee Assistance Programme in place.
  2. According to Cover Magazine, 2018.