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What is Feelgood Health?

At AXA Health, we believe staying healthy is about taking care of both mind and body. It’s less about setting extreme goals and more about enjoying yourself, we count smiles not miles. Feeling good shouldn’t be hard work – see how you can find your Feelgood Health.

Real Feelgood Health journeys

Our documentary series, Real Feelgood Health journeys, shines a light on real people who found unexpected joy in activities that had a surprisingly positive impact on their health and wellbeing.

See how tennis helps Carmen feel mentally and physically stronger after the loss of her husband

Find out how paddle boarding helps Lee cope with the stresses of daily life

Learn how dancing keeps Alex both physically and mentally healthy

Discover how walking football led Paul to meeting new friends and getting healthier

Feelgood Health Mythbusters

With so much information out there, our health experts are here to help sort the fact from the fiction.

Is exercising really all about no pain, no gain?

Sleep myths busted to help you doze off

Is playing chess good for our mental health?

Demystifying some common diet myths

Feelgood Health inspiration

Discover how a group of swimmers in Pembrokeshire are finding their Feelgood Health in the freeeezing-cold water off the Welsh coast.

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Feelgood Health tips

Have a look at our experts' articles for some great hints and tips to help you find your Feelgood Health. For even more helpful information visit our Feelgood Health tips page.

Food to feed your Feelgood
Food to feed your feelgood

Good food really can boost your mood.

Becoming more active
Becoming more active – your way

You don’t need to spend hours in the gym to keep fit.

Physical and mental health benefits
Mental health benefits of physical activity

Can moving more help develop resilience, improve low moods and boost self-esteem?

Get help to find your Feelgood

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At AXA Health, we know that everyone’s journey to Feelgood Health is different. We’re here to encourage, support and inspire you to find what works for you. And we have all sorts of experts on hand to help you every step of the way. Whatever help you need, and whenever you might need it, we’re here for you.

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