Selling healthcare


An opportunity for you

Reasons to sell healthcare cover

Healthcare cover protects the thing that’s most precious to us all – our health. It offers us peace of mind that we’re protected when we need it most.

For brokers, it complements the other products you may be offering your clients, helping you grow your business.


Health matters to every
one of your clients

Every single one of your clients – whether they’re individuals or businesses – will want to know they can get fast access to expert health services, irrespective of their income and wealth.

Healthcare cover is a product for all.


Healthcare insurance complements your other areas of expertise

It shows your clients that you understand just how interwoven their personal and financial wellbeing is.

If we fall ill, everything else can suffer. So it’s really important to get treated quickly, helping us get on with our lives again.


Selling healthcare cover makes good business sense

Prioritising the health of your clients shows you’re concerned about their personal health as well as their financial health.

With businesses, it helps you maintain business productivity and shows you understand the value of attracting and retaining employees.


Offering healthcare cover helps you stand out from the crowd

Making healthcare cover part of your broader offering can give you a key point of difference.

We pride ourselves on giving the very best support you’ll need to speak to your clients about health insurance, either in combination with your other offerings or standalone.


It’s a product that can keep your SME clients working

Fast access to expert healthcare can help get people back to health and back to work.

Our dedicated SME sales centres will help you tailor plans for your business clients. Whatever your experience, we’ve got you covered.


“Healthcare cover doesn’t need to
be complicated. We can help make
it simple for you and your clients.”


Work with us

We greatly value our relationships with intermediaries and we’d love to work with you.

AXA Health is one of the most well-established medical insurance providers in the UK so you can trust in our products and rely on our experience.

Find out more or, to get started, let us know you’re interested in working with us.

Support for you

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Introduction to selling private healthcare

Listen to this webinar to find out how we can support you in offering private healthcare cover to your individual and SME clients.