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Helping your business face the complexities of cancer

Invest in better outcomes for your people and business with our cancer support services

Your choice of cancer support service provider counts

When it comes to cancer, we believe in supporting the whole person. That's because we know that relieving stress and easing complexity in all areas – from mental health to work life – helps your employees concentrate on what matters most: getting well again.

From prevention to diagnosis and treatment, to support for family and guidance for workplace adaptions. Our holistic cancer services are here to support your people and your business.

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What's the impact of cancer in the workplace?

In the UK, an estimated 375,000 people discover they have cancer every year, which is about 1,000 cases a day1. It means there’s every chance your employees or their families will be directly affected at some point.

Businesses may want to consider the impact of cancer across all stages; prioritising prevention, support for those having treatment or recovering, as well as equipping teams with the knowledge to a support co-worker during this time.  

Workplace support for employees with cancer

With our help, you can be ready to support your employees practically and sensitively, including making sure managers understand any adjustments the person may need. Combining our healthcare plans, wellbeing services, occupational health services and employee assistance programmes you’ll be able to build holistic support for your people and business with the complexities of cancer in mind2.

Playing our part in cancer research

The AXA research fund helps us play our part in finding better treatments and ways to care for people with cancer. So far, the fund has: 

  • committed €250M to research 
  • funded 689 research projects 
  • supported 331 academic institutions in 38 countries. 

Working together to manage cancer

We work closely with our providers to make sure everything we and they do is evidence-based and consistent with best clinical practice, allowing us to manage treatment eligibility and costs. 

We focus on quality as well as costs, with our medical teams keeping abreast of medical developments, collaborating with all the key hospital and provider groups, specialists, researchers and institutions to make sure our products deliver effective treatment and value.

1. Cancer incidence for all cancers combined 2016–2018, Cancer Research UK.
2. You'll need separate contracts with us for healthcare plans, wellbeing services, occupational health and employee assistance programmes. We can talk this through with you.