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Cancer and wellbeing in the workplace

Help prevent cancer by supporting employee wellbeing

It's tempting to feel fatalistic when it comes to cancer, but businesses can take steps to help their employees stay well and reduce the likelihood of some cancers occurring. And it's not just the 'obvious' actions like stopping smoking and other harmful habits that can make a difference. With cancer there's a natural role for employers in helping employees l be that bit more aware and active when it comes to prevention.

Here are some ways our additional services and tools can help your people look after their wellbeing. Contact us to discuss how we can help tailor your workplace wellbeing.

Arm your business with health intelligence

You can give your people more control and help them take positive steps to better health with our health assessments

With each assessment underpinned by clinical protocols that follow the latest guidance.

Turn lives around with health coaching

Sticking to the positive changes we make for our own good can be a real challenge. We offer health coaching to empower people to live healthier lives.

Whether that’s inspiring positive behaviour change to lose weight or manage stress, motivating healthier habits, or targeting known health risks with informed guidance.

Build awareness and educate people

You can help your employees become the best version of themselves by booking our wellbeing seminars, workshops and training courses.

Knowledge is power and we have dedicated sessions available to help your employees understanding and awareness of cancer. From knowing the lifestyle risks to being aware of symptoms.

Help your employees stay active

You can also give your people the tools to stay active thanks to our gym offers

Whether they’re looking to develop new habits or just get back to a fitness routine, discounts on gym memberships are a great motivation. 

Keep wellness top of mind

Encourage your employees to try new things and discover what works for them. Whether that’s forming healthier habits, building resilience or managing illnesses that can’t be avoided. Our health and wellbeing calendar has resources and materials on various themes throughout the year to guide you.