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The landscape of work and health is changing. AXA Health and CEBR’s insight shows work-related stress is costing the UK economy £28bn a year. Organisations are prioritising health and wellbeing to build resilient, fit for the future workforces, whilst analysing the return and value on their investment.   

Our expert panel will look into the data and insights that evidence what's happening now and what we can expect in the future, to help you support your people and business. 

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Feelgood people create Feelgood businesses

Today, we know that people who are supported at work are 60% more likely to be happy and nearly twice as likely to flourish in their roles (AXA Mind health & wellbeing study 2022). In our Feelgood Business videocasts, host and mental-health champion Rob Stephenson is joined by progressive business leaders and AXA Health experts to discuss creating a Feelgood Business that works for everyone.

Keeping ahead with workplace wellness
Help employees flourish in the new era of work
Trust, culture and belonging at work

Please access your workplace wellbeing toolkit below to watch the full episodes in our Feelgood Business videocast series.

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